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Black Forest

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK
Colour Recipe ~ parchment grape
mocha cream plum stone pale rose and walnut

Bright Rainbow

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK in
 cream with pomegranate shrimp apricot saffron citron spring green
 aspen turquoise sherbet lavender wisteria fondant magenta

Vintage Rainbow

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK 
parchment with burgundy claret copper spice gold lime meadow
khaki teal petrol aster lavender violet raspberry and plum

Pastel Rainbow

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK in
 candyfloss soft peach apricot lemon spring green
 sherbet cloud blue wisteria and clematis

Baby Boy

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK in
cream aster camel denim mocha and cloud blue

Baby Girl

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK in
white with pale rose fondant raspberry
 apricot shrimp and pomegranate

The Turquoise Blanket

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK in
lipstick spring green fondant sherbet
 pomegranate aspen raspberry lime and turquoise

The Grey Blanket

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK in
spice, parchment, meadow, petrol, silver, lime,
 storm blue, mocha, denim, graphite and grey

Subtle Rainbow

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK in
copper gold camel meadow teal denim violet grape and pale rose
with 3,5mm hook
Patterns from Jan Eatons 200 Crochet Blocks

Classic Rainbow

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK in
mocha gold spice copper claret burgundy
 raspberry plum grape petrol teal and meadow
3.5mm hook
Pattern from Jan Eatons 200 Crochet Blocks

Larger Rainbow

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special DK in
claret lipstick pomegranate shrimp spice gold saffron
 lime meadow sage aspen storm blue denim aster bluebell
 violet grape pale rose fondant and raspberry

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Jak said...

Thanks for sharing, great to see the colours all crocheted up. Was wondering though, cheekily, whats the paatern for the bright rainbow squares, is it single crochet? X

maggie said...

Lovely blocks and colours palettes. Thank you :-)

debi53 said...

These are just beautiful. I don't have a blog, but I do enjoy yours. Thanks for these suggestions.

Franacropan said...

Love them, thank you so much.

Avalon De Lioncourt said...

I love your blog, photos and colors.
There is a mistake in Subtle Rainbow, I think: there are nine colors in photo but only eight described above.
Thank you so much for your shared work!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog about two years ago and was inspired to pick up my crochet hook again. I have since made numerous items for charity and gifts for family (inc 4 Olafs!!) and a granny square blanket for my grandson's 18 th birthday next month! I am about to have a go at the lily pond CAL, so wish me luck! Thank you so much for sharing your craft.

Maura said...

Thank you for this , your colours are gorgeous. I always struggle trying to match up colours. Trying out the v-stitch blanket at the minute, thanks to you.

Linda Ellis said...

Thanks for sharing I find sorting out colour combos the hardest bit of any project

Pauline said...

Just love what you do , would love if you would do more tutorials, just finished the turquoise blanket as a thank you gift for a friend and she lives it , you've encouraged me to crochet again , thank you , but like I said it would be great to have a pattern

NancyLee said...

Hi thanks you so very much for sharing your colors I really have a hard time choosing them I love Stylecraft special dk so wonderful. I just ordered enough yarn for your blue Circle of friend square and the tomato and copper square one. Also going to try making all 70 squares each round . Thanks again Nancy from Massachusetts ❤️😍

Anonymous said...

I used your grey blanket pack, with a couple of additions, to make a blanket for my son going off to university. It was so useful to find a pack suitable for an 18 year old boy.

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