13 April 2014

Colour is everything

Oh how I love starting a new project
choosing the colours
is the best part!

this weeks delight has been a toddler snuggle blanket

in the most gorgeous bright shades
of saffron shrimp fondant magenta and spring green

Oh how I love Stylecraft Special DK!

my colour inspiration
 came from a colour palette by the wonderful

and I have been delighted with the results

I have used a 4mm hook to make these starburst flowers
 using the Jane Brocket pattern from Mollie Makes issue 2

arranging these beauties is always such fun
as I ponder where they will sit

edging is always a favourite part as it makes the colours sing

I use the continuous join as you go method
 and love how fast the blanket comes together
with the bonus of no ends to sew in!

and finally
to complete this order
 is also a cute little matching dolls blanket!

To help those of you who are wanting to try this pattern
 I have made a collage
 showing the life cycle of a starburst flower
it uses 3 different stitches which makes it fun to make
... beware they are addictive!

I find the quickest way to make a blanket
 is to work in batches
 making all of round 1, then all of round 2
 and then round 3 ...
 this way your hand and brain remembers the stitch 
and I find that it gives me a better production rate
 and it is easier to plan equal amounts of colours too!

I hope that my work continues to inspire you!
Thank you to the many lovely ladies who write
happy hookin!




  1. What a gorgeous little blanket! Your colors are terrific. I just discovered Design Seed the other day. Wonderful tool for putting together colors. You made that blanket FAST!

  2. As ever stunning work and gorgeous photos! The matching dolly blanket is super cute x

  3. Such beautiful colours! I love Design Seeds for colour inspiration.
    Pat :)

  4. Such wonderful spring colour

  5. How beautifully your colours marry together, thank you so much for the link to design seeds. A great tool when looking for colours to go together for our projects.
    The little dolly blanket is such a nice touch too.

  6.'ve "hooked" me on trying these lovely little starburst flowers! I even downloaded the issue of Mollie Makes (#2) for the actual instructions and, well, my Mum is (was) a Brit who was an incredible crafter (a seamstress like no other!) and reading the articles made me think of her...and the lovely times I've had visiting the UK. I'm excited to try my hand at these squares...and thank you for such beautiful inspiration. The colors are yummy :-) I just adore your blog! Best wishes--Diane


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