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30 March 2014

Willow love

Love is . . . . .
trying something new
discovering a new pattern
a sumptuous palette of rich earthy colour

this week I have had the lovely pleasure of beginning a wedding gift

this calls for something special
so after much discussion with the bride to be

we arrived at a plan

the lovely Willow block from 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton

and a gorgeous selection of Stylecraft Special DK

I am in love with the pattern that shows
 when working solid colour blocks

colour makes my heart sing
you cant imagine how happy this blanket is making me!

so this week I will be making 4 sets of the 12 shades
 plus 1 more
for a blanket of 49 squares

they will be joined with dark brown and a deep lace border
ooohhh I cant wait!

Come back next week for a progress update!
till then happy hookin
my crochet pals!

x x x

23 March 2014

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air have you noticed?
Oh the joys of the
 extra daylight
soooo exciting!

This weekend I have made a bunch of floral book marks
so so pretty
and such quick fun to make!

This week
 has been a pleasure of beautiful shades of blue and green
perfect for spring

and perfect for a fresh baby cot blanket

oh I love the joining
it is so exciting when the background makes the colours pop!

Just a little late post today
school has been hectic this week
 and left little hooky time
 so my offerings this week are few!

I will be back next week with hopefully more hooky delights to tempt you!

x x x

16 March 2014

Community Crochet

Love in a blanket

A few months ago
 I had the privilege of organising
 a wonderful community crochet project
 with some of the wonderful ladies on Instagram.

 There is such a special family feel
between our crafty friends on Instagram
we chat daily
share our crochet love
swap tips
delight in each others projects 
and encourage.

Back in the winter
 when one of our friends was diagnosed with breast cancer
 two of us secretly
 set up a community crochet project to make her a blanket.
 The aim was to make a
 Blanket of Love
 to support her through the months of Chemotherapy she has to face.

So with much secret emailing
my friend did tons of organsing and
 I set up instructions for the crochet along
 and yarn
and the project was launched

this was such a special time
receiving daily photos in my inbox
of luscious squares
from 100 ladies all around the world

I could see with great excitement
 the blanket unfolding before my eyes

we all made squares the same size
in a range of 6 colours
the design of each square being the choice of the maker

we had solids and grannies

hearts full of love

butterflies owls hedgehogs toadstools
buttons and charms

and the most amazing range of 3D flowers

what a priviledge I had
opening so much happy mail
day after day
we kept the postman busy

my job was to edge all the squares and to join them into
The Blanket of Love

oh what a pleasure it was
 to be piecing together such beautiful squares
 and finishing the blanket off with a deep border

I had arranged this specially to coincide with my half term holiday
 which gave me a week off school to do this

The blanket was a complete work of art
and far better than I had ever imagined

It is truly unique 
and I know it is now very loved
by our dear friend

So what a gap this has left!

The community spirit that was generated by this project
 was so very special
truly uplifting
 and something I hope to harness again.

I have plans brewing for more community blanket making

blankets with themes
to be raffled
raising money for charity

blankets for gifts
to be given to children and the elderley

plans for colours and patterns
all whizzing round my head!

So if you are a crochet fanatic
watch this space
and maybe you would like to be part of the next community blanket project!

Thank you again for all your lovely correspondence this week
it gives me much pleasure to know that the work I share
 is an encouragement to you


9 March 2014

Crochet Therapy

This weekend I have hardly put my hook down
it has been a much needed dose of crochet therapy!

just holding my hook

all help to de stress and unwind after a busy week

lazy mornings with coffee in bed
working on an old wip

 I have been completing my 
African Flower Hexagonal blanket

this is my first attempt at these
and rather pleased I am!

Next week I will show you the full view
and its lovely shape

A new tea cosy smothered in roses
was on its way to a customer this week

and the pretty baby blanket was completed
ready to gift

Oh I like feeling rather smug
 thinking I have the blanket ready even before baby is born!

and finally this weekend I have been playing
making something new

I think it important occasionally to break away from orders
and try new ideas
to inspire customers in the future

so I set to work on a cheap plastic stool from a bargain shop
and transformed it with the addition of a crocheted cover

this was such fun and so fast to make
and is now a very pretty side table

I think all my family will be getting them for presents now!

Thank you all for your lovely correspondence again this week
it is my pleasure to share
and it pleases me so much to know that you enjoy!

Happy hookin

x x x

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