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26 May 2015

Joining Squares Method 3 - Continuous join as you go

Continuous join as you go tutorial
(Tutorial uses English crochet terms)

1 Arrange your squares in a suitable colour order

2 Here is a map to show you the direction to work
 starting in the top right corner

3 Attach contrasting yarn in the  corner of the top right square.
 Begin by making 3 trebles to form half of the corner. 
Continue to make clusters of 3 trebles in each space.
At the corner make 3 trebles 1 chain 3 trebles in the same space.

4 Continue in the same manner along the 2nd side of the 1st square.
At the corner make 3 trebles 1 chain

5 Make 3 trebles into bottom right corner of square 2.
Before making next set of 3 trebles 
you will now link back to the first square

6 Put hook under and into the space.

7 Pull yarn through to make 2 loops on hook

8 Slip the 2nd loop through the 1st loop on the hook to leave 1 stitch.
You have now joined square 2 to square 1.
Make 3 trebles in next space

9 Continue making joining stitch in between every group of 3 trebles.
At the corner make 3 trebles, join to square 1,
 then 1 chain 3 trebles to complete the corner

10 Continue along row 1 joining all the squares along the top
then follow direction of yarn shown to complete row 1

11 Along the bottom of row 1
 - to complete a corner make 3 trebles

12 in the corner space pull through a loop

13 join with slip stitch

14 1 chain then 3 trebles in next corner

15 Continue till end of row,

16 Attach square 1 from row 2

17 Work along making 3 trebles in each space
 with a joining stitch between.
At the end of the square make 3 trebles for the corner
 then you are going to join into the square diagonally above to the left.
After joining make 1 chain and 3 trebles to complete the corner
 and continue down the left side of your square.
You will now be feeling the rhythm and be ready to attach square 2 of row 2.

18 Work along joining square 2 of row 2.When you reach the corner
 you are ready to join the first group of 4 corners.

19 Join into the square diagonally opposite. 

20 Next make 1 chain 3 trebles to complete the corner.

21 When complete the 4 corners look like this when joined

22 Continue following direction of yarn

23 and you will end up back at the beginning
 with the amazing bonus of only 2 ends to sew in!

This is a very fast joining method and I like the addition of the
 contrasting colour to add a background to the blanket.

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful.

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Many thanks
wishing you a happy hooky adventure




Amy at love made my home said...

Three great ways to join squares! Thank you for sharing them with us. xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the explanation, very helpful.

Kind regards,


Lara said...

This is an excellent tutorial. I have to figure out how to follow it left handed.

Annie said...

Thank you for this! I've read about this joining method several times before and had long decided it would be the one I'd use next time, but then when I finally tried it, I couldn't put all the pieces together...your very specific photos made all the difference for me. Excellent! (Your sample squares are very pretty, too, by the way.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you this is the easiest and fastest method I've seen

Jude said...

Thank you very much. I would like to "Follow" The Patchwork Heart in future. Well done!

Carolynrose said...

Thank you so much for sharing your work. Your instructions for continuous joining methods is so clear and helpful.
I enjoy seeing your work.

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