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25 July 2015

Sorry I've been asbent lately

Dear Friends
Thought it about time I popped in to explain my absence

Events here at Patchwork House
 have unexpectedly take a nasty turn
 and I have become very unwell this past few months.
Having struggled with poor health for several years
 I am now receiving good care
 and lots of tests are nearing a diagnosis. 
This is a wonderful relief to know 
that I will be given the correct medication
 to control my symptoms soon.

I have needed a lot of time off work recently
 and have even been away from my hook .  .  . 
so that tells you how bad its been!

I am pleased to say that I have good days
 in between the pain and fatigue
 and am now enjoying crochet again
 but computer time is still limited.

I hope to blog again soon
but in the mean time don't miss out on my photos!
you can keep up with me on


as I post regularly from my phone!

Have a happy hooky weekend


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