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15 December 2021

Granny Stripe Scarf Tutorial

Here my friends is a little tutorial
for how I made this gorgeous granny stripe scarf.

The tutorial uses UK crochet terms.

I was inspired to make this 
having watched a tutorial on You Tube by Fiber Spider.
Searching hashtags on Instagram,
 also lead me to the blog of
who has a tutorial for one in Dutch. 
She has a chart and you can translate into English.

But I wanted to do it my own way 
and set about making triangles using my

I have used 9 shades of
and a 4mm hook.
It would also be nice made in 
Stylecraft Bellissima and Bambino DK.

The triangle is basically half a granny square.
I chose to make 2 rows in each colour,
as this halves the ends that have to be woven in.

I knot each pair of ends and then weave them in together.

The width of your scarf is shown here below,
 measuring from the point to the straight edge.
I have used 18 rows which is about 9 inches /23cm
 in my tension. You can use as many as you like.

I have used 6 triangles
 and made each one using the same 9 shades
 repeated in a different order each time.

Make a 2nd triangle and stop before the last row
You are going to use this last row to join onto the first triangle.

Notice that triangle 1 has the wrong side of its last row showing, 
see where my needle is pointing below.

You are going to attach the point of triangle 2 to the corner of triangle 1.

Start by placing your hook from bottom to top through the chain space,
pull the yarn through

and make a slip stitch

then chain 1.

The first group of 3 trebles 
is going to be made where my needle is pointing

after the 3 trebles you are ready to join onto triangle 1.

Again going from bottom to top, 
put the hook into the space in triangle 1 after the last 3 trebles.

Pull the yarn through and make a slip stitch.
Do the same again, 
3 trebles in the next space of triangle 2
 and slip stitch into the next space of triangle 1.

Notice the V shape being made by the slip stitch as you join,
 see where my needle is pointing above.
Continue joining the 2 triangles then finish off at the end.

Your 2 triangles join perfectly
 and start to form a scarf with parallel sides.

Make a 3rd triangle.
Stop before the last row.

Joining triangle 3
You are going to attach 3 into the space on 1.
Look where my needle is pointing.
 I find that this makes a better straight edge than going into 2.

So as before from bottom to top slip stitch 3 into 1.

Then chain 1.

Make your first group of 3 trebles
 in the first space on triangle 3.

Slip stitch into the space after the 3 trebles on triangle 2.

and carry on along the triangle to the end.

Keep adding as many triangles as you wish.

I used 6 triangles and my finished scarf is approx 
length 166cm /66inches
width 25cm/10inches
If you want a longer scarf, add more triangles.
If you want a wider scarf, add more rows to each triangle. 

To complete the scarf I have added a simple edging

Start with a stitch on your hook

and make a dc in any space
then chain 3

dc into the same space

slip stitch into the next space


so that is
chain 3, 

dc in same space

slip stitch in next space

keep going

When you get to the trebles on the end triangle (see below)

dc, chain 3, dc in same stitch, 
miss a stitch

This simple edging goes easily around the curves without any adjustment.

So there you have a gorgeous granny stripe scarf.

It is really soft and snuggly and sure to keep you warm.

If you have enjoyed this free tutorial
please consider making a small donation
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Have fun making this friends

18 October 2020

Granny Shawl Tutorial

Hello my lovely friends,
 here as promised is a tutorial for how I make a granny shawl.
 I hope you have lots of fun with this and years of cosy comfort ahead!

Let me introduce you to a wonderful new yarn
 which I have used for my granny shawl.
 is a tweedy yarn in a rich palette of 12 shades, 
whose names are inspired by nature.

Just look at these wonderful shades!

It is DK weight, 100% Premium Acrylic
  and comes in 100g balls.

Approximately 272m length
Machine wash at 30 degrees
Cool tumble dry
Hook 4mm

This yarn has a fabulous squishy texture,
 with the look and feel of wool,
yet it is 100% Premium Acrylic!

Alternative yarns suitable for making this shawl would be

Stylecraft Batik/Batik Elements with a wool/acrylic content

Stylecraft Bellissima/Bambino premium acrylic with a luxurious feel 

and Stylecraft Special DK acrylic with a huge colour palette to choose from.

For my first shawl I used the colour recipe Highland and Islands, 
which uses all 12 shades of Highland Heathers.

These soft colours from nature 
go so well together 
and it was a tough decision which to use!

Shawl 1 ~ Highland Heathers.
All 12 shades.
1 ball of each colour is enough to make 2 shawls in my tension.
My finished shawl weighs 350g.

Here is the colour order that I used.

Shawl 2 ~ Berry
pinks, blues and purples

1 ball of each colour is enough to make 1 shawl,
a finished shawl weighs 350g.

Shawl 3 ~ Woodland
green, brown and neutrals

1 ball of each colour is enough to make 1 shawl,
a finished shawl weighs 350g.

How I make a granny shawl

Tutorial in UK crochet terms.
I am using the recommended 4mm hook.

If your crochet is too loose, try a smaller hook 3.5 or 3mm

If your crochet is too tight, try a larger hook 4.5 or 5mm
It doesn't matter what size hook you use,
 more important is that you are happy with the result!

We are basically making half a granny square.
If you are familiar with my 
 this will help a lot.
The practise of flipping your work, after each row, is very important.
We work from the front, then from the back. 
This helps avoid the awful granny square twist
 and forms a perfect square, or triangle in the case of the shawl.

1. Starting Off and row 1
Make a magic loop or 4 chain joined with a slip stitch, to form a circle.
Make 3 chain to replace first treble,
chain 1 for a space,
3 trebles into the circle,
chain 1 for the corner space

2. Complete row 1
3 trebles,
chain 1 for a space,
final treble, stop with last 2 loops on hook

3. Row 2
 to attach next colour pull through for final loop of treble on row 1,
make a secure reef knot with the 2 tails.
Tails should be left approximately 10cm/4 inches
 for weaving in later with a darning needle.

4. Complete row 2
3 chain to replace first treble
chain for space
3 trebles in 1st space,
3 trebles 1 chain 3 trebles in next corner space,
in next space 3 trebles
chain 1 for space
final treble, 
stop with last 2 loops on hook.

5. Row 3
 Attach next colour and pull trough for final loop of treble on row 2,
chain 3 for first treble
make a secure reef knot with the 2 tails.

Continue with each row following the same pattern.

1 treble, 1 chain, 3 treble in the first space

Groups of 3 trebles in each space,

1 chain at the corner in the centre,

Groups of 3 trebles in each space,

3 trebles, 1 chain, 1 treble in the final space.

There are only 3 places I make a chain
1st space, corner space and last space.

You can see here in the picture above,
 we are making half a granny square.

To get your rhythm going,
 I suggest you ignore the ends for now and work a few rows.
They are very quick at this point as the work is small.
Remember to flip your work over after each row,
 so we are working from the front, then from the back.

As soon as you have a feel for the pattern,
stop crocheting and weave in those ends!

You must now do them as you go
 to avoid that awful task of doing them all at the end.

Use a darning needle and weave each tail into its own coloured row.
I find it best to go up and down the different trebles. 

Now continue adding rows 
and weave in the ends as you go.

The rows get longer as we progress
 and start to take more time.

Keep going until you have a shawl of your desired size.
My shawl has 55 rows
and measures 77cm / 30 inches down the centre to the corner.
I have not blocked my work, this is straight off my hook.

A Simple Edging

To complete my shawl I finished it off with a simple edging.
You may be familiar with this already as I use it on many blankets.

Using any colour of your choice

1. Make 1 round of UK dc, 1 in each stitch, 3 in the corner and at the points.
Slip stitch into first stitch to complete round.

2. For the 2nd round
chain 3, dc in same stitch,
miss a stitch,
slip stitch into next stitch,

EASY! It makes a perfect finish.

My finished shawl measurements are
Longest side = 160cm / 63 inches
Shorter sides = 115cm / 45 inches
Length down back = 77cm / 30 inches

You do not need to buy all 12 shades,
6 shades are enough colours to give the granny square effect.

Here you can see my 
colour recipe

and my
colour recipe

More Colour Recipes

Here are a few more ideas that work well together

Bright Jewels

Summer Garden

Winter Garden



Over To You!

If you fancy making a shawl, why not join the

The Granny Shawl is going to be the
 November project for 2020,
starting mid month.
This gives you plenty of time to choose your yarn
 and buy it ready to begin. 
You can use any Stylecraft yarn and any colours you fancy!

Keep an eye on my daily posts and the Stylecraft posts,
 both on Instagram and Facebook,
 for the starting date.

In this group you can  
enjoy making with others all around the world,
 sharing companionship,
enjoying each others posts,
finding help if needed
 and having fun,
 much needed in these difficult times.

I will be popping in there daily,
 along with members of the Stylecraft team,
 to see what you are making!

A mug shot, with a crochet mug match, 
has become my much loved trade mark!
Thank you all so much for the love
 and for all the years of checking in daily,
 for your burst of colour!

Now I'm setting you all a challenge!

It's time for you to get creative and have some fun!
 I'm challenging you to post your crochet mugshots with your granny shawl!

This can be in the
or on

 On Instagram use the hashtag
for a chance to be featured in my stories each day.

This will take place from the start of the November MAL in the Stylecraft FB group.
I will announce the start in my daily posts on FB and IG.

Win yourself a prize!

I will be picking 2 winners 

1 from the Stylecraft MAL group on FB
and 1 from the Instagram hashtag #grannyshawlmugshot

The photos which I like the best,
 will win a parcel of Patchwork Heart goodies, 
in time for Christmas!
More details of the prizes to come nearer the time!

Above all
have fun!

Crochet is great therapy.
Playing with yarn and colours is relaxing.
Making something beautiful for yourself is satisfaction.

Make time for crochet each day!

I will see you in the 
Stylecraft Make Along Group each day,
  when the MAL starts mid November 2020
and you can find me making my daily posts on
as always.

happy hooking!
x x x

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