Hello and welcome to Patchwork House . . . . .
my little corner of the world in England, where you will find me addicted to colour and playing with yarn!

18 October 2014

Rainbow Squares

 So now its time for me to grovel and apologise
 and say please forgive me
 for my long absence of 2 months . . .
 school took over my life!
One day soon I hope to be full time at The Patchwork Heart
but until then I have a day job which is very demanding and has to come first!

So the first half term is nearly over
 and I am into the swing of things!

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunny days and cooler evenings
 . . . time for candles fairy lights and blankets!
 I've even had my hot water bottle out this week 
which has been the height of indulgence!

So what have I been hookin?
Well if you follow me on IG and FB
 you will have enjoyed this rainbow baby blanket
 but there's nothing like the big pictures on a blog
 so here they are for you to enjoy!

Stylecraft Special DK

oh what a pleasure
hours of fun
playing with colours

I just love the simplicity of these plain sqaures
surrounded with parchment

joined from the back with dc through both loops

the stitch definition is to die for

many happy hours were spent under this little beauty
and I even managed to find a matching mug
 to satisfy my OCD!

this blanket gives me so much pleasure
I will definitely be making more!

For those of you who have asked for a pattern
watch this space!

Lovely to be back blogging
I have set myself the new task of blogging each Saturday now

Happy weekend to you all
enjoy your hooky!


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