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28 June 2015

Mini granny love

Mini granny love!


pattern and texture

and ends ends ends!

This cushion reminds me of Smarties!
(for those of you reading this outside of UK
 they are colourful sugar coated chocolate sweets
enjoyed by children)

I have had sooooooo much fun making this gift

I love the firm texture and wonderful stitch definition of
and the colours are absolutely delightful

The front is made from mini grannies 
and the back is 1 large granny square,

crocheted together with a button fastening
and completed with a scalloped edge.

This cushion made in bright jewel colours has been so popular!
 I've had many requests for a pattern but I made it up as I went!

So to help you all out
 I am planning to write a tutorial this week
 as I make a second one in tropical colours!

100 centres are made
and the large granny for the back is now complete

Do come back next weekend 
and read how I make a mini granny cushion cover

Wishing you all a colourful day

Happy hookin


x x x

21 June 2015

The Turquoise Blanket

A few months ago I picked out my favourite colours
 to make a blanket for me! 
Yes for me ... most of my makes are given away
 so its time to update my blanket stash here at Patchwork House
 with some of my favourite colours!

This Colour Recipe is proving to be so very popular.
If you would like to make it you will need
1 each of lipstick, spring green, fondant, 
sherbet, pomegranate, aspen, raspberry and lime.
and 4 turquoise for joining.

My making began originally with granny squares

joined with a turquoise background 
using the continuous join as you go method

This was delightful but time consuming with all the ends!

I have written 4 tutorials for your use 
and kept these squares as my teaching samples

Granny Squares
Joining from the front
Joining from the back
Continuous join as you go

You will find these all on the tutorials page.

So it was time to start again
 as I am determined to have a turquoise blanket in my life!
This time I am making a hexie blanket
using a pattern from the book Granny Squares by Sue Pinner.

I make all the middles first
then add the 2nd rounds

next I lay them out in a suitable arrangement

and join with the continuous join as you go method.

This pattern is so quick as the flowers only have 2 rounds

and the joining is so easy!

My blanket will be hexagonal with a wavy edge.
It will be a snuggle blanket for relaxing on the sofa

As you can see its already in use
 as I hook this cold June morning!

If you have been inspired by my colour recipes
 and have made blankets using them
 you may be interested in a new
 I have started. 
This is a place for my followers to show off their blankets.
 I am so excited with its popularity
 and we are seeing wonderful crochet from all around the world.
 It's quite amazing how the same colours look in different patterns
 and really inspiring to see people interpretations.

 So don't forget to join and share 
I'm so interested to see what you make with my Colour Recipes!

Wishing you all a happy hooky Sunday


15 June 2015

Simple Edging

 This week has been rippletastic
working with the most pretty ice cream colours!

My colour palette of
has been most popular
lemon, wisteria, candy floss, spring green, 
apricot, clematis, fondant and sherbet.

Oooooh how I love to ripple it is so therapeutic!
This pattern by Lucy from Attic 24 blog is called
 and I can highly recommend it.

I am always being asked how I edge my ripples and v stitch blankets
using this very simple narrow edge

First I make 1 round of dc (English) 
putting 1 dc in each stitch along the zigzag edges
with a decrease at the valley and an increase at the mountain
then 2 in each stitch along the straight sides.

Then for the 2nd round I make
1 dc, 3 chain, 1 dc in the same stitch
miss a stitch
This forms a lovely little wavy edge
 which will follow the zig zag edge happily
 and also sit neatly on the straight sides.

I hope you enjoy using this free pattern and colour recipe.
If so please consider a small donation using the
 Paypal Donate
 button on the sidebar.
This will help fund my crochet journey and enable me to provide
 more free tutorials patterns and colour palettes
 for your pleasure.

Happy Hookin



5 June 2015

Colour Packs

Colour makes my heart sing!
I describe myself as a crochet artist
but if you look at my crochet its all very simple . . . 
its the colour combinations that excite me!

This colour palette for my turquoise granny square blanket
 is so beautiful. I designed it with myself in mind planning a 
granny square blanket with a turquoise background for my own home.

The granny squares I made earlier
were made up into samples for my workshops
 and I've decided to keep these for future inspiration.

You can read the tutorials by following the links here

So I've stared again!
I've had a longing for a blanket with a turquoise background for a while now!
This time its going to be made with my new love
If you missed my post a few weeks ago
 you can read about my first 2 hexie blankets 

I am using a pattern from the lovely book
Granny Squares by one of my favourite crochet designers

This week I've been making batches of the 2 round flowers
 which will form the middles of the hexagons

I am always being asked about how I find
 all the colour combinations for the flowers! 
This is the part I love, I guess have a Mathematical brain helps! 
I will write a blog post about this soon to help you all out!

I'm varying my work
 with some flowers 
then some joining

and I've adapted the 
 to work for my hexagons

Its really coming on fast as this join is so easy

and I am so delighted with the turquoise background.
It is everything I wanted and really makes the flowers pop!

I am delighted to tell you all
 that I am now working with the lovely people at Deramores
 and they have begun selling my colour packs!

So if you fancy a gorgeous turquoise blanket 
you can buy this colour recipe

I'd love to see your makes in these colours! 
Do post pictures on your Instagram and Facebook feeds 
and tag me in them to see!
 Its really wonderful that we are part of a global crochet community!

Wishing you all a happy hooky weekend


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