Hello and welcome to Patchwork House . . . . .
my little corner of the world in England, where you will find me addicted to colour and playing with yarn!

23 February 2014

Half Term Happiness

It has been wonderful
 to be full time at The Patchwork Heart for the last 9 days
enjoying my home in daylight

Leisurely coffee with new magazines
and colourful crochet

time to work on new projects
 that have been cluttering up my head

time to walk and visit local beauty spots

time to shop

and meet friends for lunch

This week
 I had the pleasure of a hooky lunch date 
with my lovely friend Heike from Made With Loops

we talked non stop and shared hooky gifts

I was lucky enough to manage 2 days away 
visiting family in rural Lincolnshire
oh what a wonderful break
the sun shone as we walked and talked

But now I'm home and down to earth with a bump 
preparing for back to school

 this afternoon I have enjoyed playing at my sewing machine
making a Teacher Planner Cover
 to brighten up the desk of one of my colleagues

I hope you have all had a great half term too and are refreshed

the next countdown begins
7 weeks to Easter!

Enjoy the lighter nights
x x x

9 February 2014

Hot Water Bottle Love

At this time of year
 Patchwork House turns into a hot water bottle production line!
 Oh these little bottles of colour have proved to be
 sooooo popular!


I make them with stripes
in pretty bright colours

man colours


and traditional granny squares

in girly colours

bright colours


deep colours

all with coordinating buttons

flowers are popular too

but my new favourite is this

narrow stripes
with many colours and stitches
inspired by the 
as we go stripey blanket!

I'm always being asked for the pattern but sadly it's still in my head!
There is a task for another day to write it up . . .
 maybe when I've had enough of making them Ill sell the pattern!

Well keep warm my dears!
February is nearly half way through . . .
I do hope you are enjoying the lighter days.

School closes on Valentines Day
 for our much needed half term holiday
 and I am looking forward to being Mrs Patchwork Heart
 for a whole week!

See you then!

x x x

1 February 2014

January 2014

January was a busy month!
With lots of colour and hooky goodness to brighten the dark days

How wonderful now to welcome February
and the lighter days beginning ...
 the promise and hope of Spring
 is a wonderful gift from God.
I love the changing seasons and the miracles they bring!

Happy weekend

x x x
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