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25 January 2015

Starburst Flowers for Spring

Pink and green 
has been a refreshing change
 on my hook this week!

Oh what a pleasure it is choosing new colours for a blanket!
My Stylecraft shade squares have been out again
 and I've enjoyed playing
 with these little samples of colours immensely.

I have chosen
pale rose
candy floss
soft peach
spring green meadow

My pattern is the starburst flower by Jane Brocket
 which was in Mollie Makes issue 2
 and is also in her book The Gentle Art of Knitting

To increase speed
I make all of round 1 first

then all of round 2

I find this helps my productions rate
 as your fingers and brain remember the stitch pattern
 and there is no time wasted from changing colours
 if you make in batches of the same colour

This pattern is very close
 enabling the ends to be crocheted over
 as you work on round 2 and 3

working in batches helps make sure
 there are an equal amount of each colour too

The next job is to turn the circles into squares
 and for this I am using parchment

I am using the flat braid join on this blanket 
to add more texture
do come back next week to check on my progress!

The colourful flower square blanket
 is now complete
 and waiting for its red border
 here is a lovely daylight shot

Thank you for all your lovely comments
it pleases me much
 to know that my humble little pag
e is an encouragment to many of you!

Happy hookin friends

Heather X X X


Niki Murray said...

Hello, your blankets are amazing, great colour choices, brightening my day xx

Amy at love made my home said...

The colours for your new circles are beautiful together! I love them!!! Your flower squares look beautiful too! I am amazed at how fast you work. xx

Pammy Sue said...

Your crochet blankets are always so beautiful. I love that little flower squares pattern. It's going to be another stunner. Your client should be so pleased!

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

I like the idea of doing them in batches, I always thought it would take longer, but you've shown me it's not. It's all a bit too hot here to be working with wool, which is a shame but then I've been doing other crafty things. Love the flower blanket.

Unknown said...

love your colours for the Starburst flowers and how you are doing them up. You are inspiring me to get back into crochet.

Gillian said...

Your production line approach is really good.

faith76 said...

That pattern is very much on my to do list.

mau said...

Amazing !!!

the striped rose said...

You have such an inspiring blog! Is there somewhere I could find the tutorial for your stylecraft squares?

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