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24 April 2018

The Sweetheart Blanket

This beautiful stitch
 creates the fabulous effect of tiny hearts in rows
 and it has become a firm favourite of mine, as it is so easy!

I first came across this on the blog of my friend Angie at
where there is a fantastic free chart.
You can read this 
it is clearly drawn and explained in a key
 and I think it is very simple to follow.

The blanket is worked from the same side each time
 and when you look at your work upside down
 it looks like rows of tiny hearts!

I have used
Stylecraft Bambino and a 4mm hook.
This yarn has a very special look and feel.
I used 2 x 100g balls of 6 colours for my large blanket,
 which measured 120cm square and there was enough leftover
 to make a baby blanket 55cm square.

My shades are
white, vintage blue, sage, soft pink, heather and clotted cream.
You can buy it here at

It is acrylic yarn manufactured with a different process,
 giving a pearly finish and satin like quality.
The blanket is oh so soft and squishy with a wonderful drape.

Sadly it seems many people are unable to read charts
and since I have been using this stitch,
 both Angie and I have been weighed down with pleas for help with it!
 So it is with Angie's permission
 that I am writing this tutorial to help out.

Tutorial in (UK crochet terms)

Make a chain the desired width of your blanket.

To begin make a half treble in the 3rd chain from the hook.

You now have 2 half trebles on your hook, the first one is made of 2 chain.

Pull the yarn through both, which creates a treble 2 together.

Chain 2.

In the same space make another 2 half trebles (3 loops on hook)

miss 2 chain and make 2 more half trebles in the next chain. 

You now have 4 half trebles on your hook and the first one so 5 stitches.

Pull the yarn through all 5, leaving 1 stitch,
 so you have done a treble 4 together.
This makes a double V stitch
 which when viewed upside down resembles a heart.

Chain 2.

In the same space make 2 more half trebles.

Miss 2 chain and make another 2 half trebles
 in the next chain space. (5 loops on hook).

Pull the yarn through to treble 4 together then chain 2.
Repeat to the end of your chain.

At the end of your row,
 end with 2 chain and 2 half treble together.

I suggest you remeasure at this point to see where you want to stop,
 as the first row is often longer than your original chain was!
Don't worry about the spare chain left over. 
They can easily be unpicked with a needle and the tail sewn in later.

Cut yarn with a good tail,
 about 4 inches/10cm should be left,
 to sew in securely later with a darning needle.

My original chain was 50cm

yet when the first row was worked it measured 55cm.
I was happy with this for a baby blanket.
Don't worry about row 1 curling up,
 it will straighten out when the blanket gets more rows added.

Each new colour is worked from the same side or the front as we may call it.
Attach new colour and make a dc and 1 chain to replace first half treble

then make a half treble

pull yarn through to make treble 2 together

chain 2.

In same space make 2 half trebles

in next space make another 2 half trebles (5 loops on hook now)

pull yarn through to treble 4 together.

Chain 2 and repeat along the row.

Now 2 colours have been used
 we can start to look for the hearts,

Turn your work upside down to see them!

The ends at the start and finish of each row,
 need to be securely woven in to the same coloured stripe,
 using a darning needle.

My blankets have been edged with 1 round of dc,
 then with a narrow edging which is very simple.

Start with 3 chain, dc in same stitch.
Miss a stitch slip stitch in next.

It is my pleasure to share this tutorial with you,
 in the hope that you too can enjoy using this lovely heart stitch.
Behind the scenes this has taken weeks of work,
 to crochet, photograph, edit and write,
 time when I am not able to crochet.

If you have been inspired by my work and enjoyed my tutorial,
 please consider making a donation,
 to support the making of further free tutorials.
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Remember to share the photos of your work in my
I'd love to see your successes!

Happy Hooking!
x x x

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