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25 January 2015

Starburst Flowers for Spring

Pink and green 
has been a refreshing change
 on my hook this week!

Oh what a pleasure it is choosing new colours for a blanket!
My Stylecraft shade squares have been out again
 and I've enjoyed playing
 with these little samples of colours immensely.

I have chosen
pale rose
candy floss
soft peach
spring green meadow

My pattern is the starburst flower by Jane Brocket
 which was in Mollie Makes issue 2
 and is also in her book The Gentle Art of Knitting

To increase speed
I make all of round 1 first

then all of round 2

I find this helps my productions rate
 as your fingers and brain remember the stitch pattern
 and there is no time wasted from changing colours
 if you make in batches of the same colour

This pattern is very close
 enabling the ends to be crocheted over
 as you work on round 2 and 3

working in batches helps make sure
 there are an equal amount of each colour too

The next job is to turn the circles into squares
 and for this I am using parchment

I am using the flat braid join on this blanket 
to add more texture
do come back next week to check on my progress!

The colourful flower square blanket
 is now complete
 and waiting for its red border
 here is a lovely daylight shot

Thank you for all your lovely comments
it pleases me much
 to know that my humble little pag
e is an encouragment to many of you!

Happy hookin friends

Heather X X X

18 January 2015

Colour and flowers

Colour and flowers are 2 of my favourite things,
 so imagine my delight
 when I was asked to make a blanket of bright and colourful flowers!
 Immediately I knew which pattern I was going to use
 and set about choosing my colours.

I love to dive into my stash of
and chose
 lipstick shrimp saffron meadow
 spring green sherbet bluebell
 wisteria magenta fondant and pomegranate.

I make a batch of centres first 
and then the flower making fun begins

The pattern I am using is

I chose my own colours and my favourite yarn

I am not using the cream stripes
 as the pattern suggests
 but am making a square of coloured flowers

I'm afraid I don't do random!
I have to plan each row
 to make sure there is an equal spread of colours
 and this makes me happy!

The beauty of this pattern
 is that each flower is made
 and then joined onto the blanket.
 Then its tail is sewn in.
 So the blanket will be finished
 when I get to the last flower,
 no ends to sew in!

My crochet is always accompanied by a cuppa 
and as you know
 I have to match my mug to my work!
Its the little things that make me happy!

My blanket is now 2/3 complete.

When it is a square
 I will finish it off with an outside round
 of red flowers with coloured centres.

Do come back next in a few weeks to see the finished blanket.

Edit : here is the final blanket complete with a lovely red edge

Keep warm
 my hooky friends
 have a happy hooky day!



11 January 2015

Lucy's Blanket is complete!


At last I have daylight
 for photographing the finished blanket!

Thank you for all the hooky love I have received
 over this blanket made for my daughter Lucy.

You can read more details of the
 in previous posts.

Here is a close up so that you can enjoy the detail
 of the flat braid join
and the deep lace border taken from the book
 by Edie Eckman Around the Corner crochet borders.

I hope you are all having a fabulous hooky weekend



4 January 2015

Happy New Year

So here we are at the end of the Christmas holidays.
Where did the time go?
  I has so many plans of blog posts to write!

December was a colourful month of crochet
 with baubles and stars flying off the production line

It is wonderful to have completed
 a whole 12 months catalogue of my makes
if you have missed any you can see them all 

December 2014

Its great to have time to stop and look back
time to be thankful
to count our blessings

2014 was a very productive year for me
 and I thank you all for accompanying me
 on my hooky journey

2014 makes

I have had so many orders,
 far more than I can cope with along side a full time job! 
I will be doing my best to meet the orders
 of those who have been promised a place in my order book
 although I must say much later and more slowly than expected.

This year I made 43 blankets
 and that was in between lots of other goodness
such as hot water bottles, scarves, flower garlands, 
poppies, book marks, cushions and  phone cases.

Blankets of 2014
2014 has been such an exciting adventure for me
 working with magazines, yarn shops and manufacturers

more than I could have hoped for

beyond my widest dreams

with new plans ahead
I have decided not to take orders any more

to enable me to create
to develop my crochet 
I will be going on a yarn journey this year trying new things

I aim to blog more and write up tips and patterns for you
and I will be selling occasionally from my

2015 has begun in a very colourful way
with my plum circle of friends blanket

the colours are delicious
so vibrant and rich
I used 28 shades of
my favourite blanket making yarn

I have now completed Lucy's blanket in 2 weeks!
If you missed the story and beginning of this you can read it 

Now I am working on the deep lacey border
 but have sadly run out of yarn 
and am waiting for the postman!

So there's nothing else for it but to start my next creation!

Do watch out on FB and IG for daily updates as I hook
and I will be back next week with details of the border.

Happy New Year to you all



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