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22 November 2014

My Crofter Blanket

It seems a good few weeks now
 since the first excitement of starting my colourful Crofter squares.
 They have now been edged and joined with cream
 and the blanket finished off with a deep straight border.

I was inspired by the lovely blanket made by
Anita Mundt
and have made my own version here

So here as promised is how I made my
 Crofter Blanket
it has 81 squares and measures approximately 115 x 115 cm

 7 balls of cream Sirdar Snuggly DK
8 balls of Sirdar Baby Crofter DK
2 Elsie
2 Kaitlyn
2 Mimi
2 Maypole

you can buy the yarn

(Edit :: Elsie has now been discontinued, but can be replaced by Winnie) 

I am using a 3.5mm hook and UK crochet terms,
 for American terms you will find a conversion chart HERE

The Solid Granny Squares

Round 1 ~ Make a magic loop, you can follow a tutorial HERE

Round 2 ~ 3 chain 2 trebles, 2 chain
* 3 trebles 2 chain *
repeat from * to * twice
slip stitch into top of 1st 3 chain 

Round 2 ~ Make 3 chain for 1st treble then
 1 treble into the top of each treble of previous round
In each corner make 2 trebles 2 chain 2 trebles
So each side of round 2 has 7 trebles when complete

Round 3 ~ Make 3 chain for 1st treble then
 1 treble into the top of each treble of previous round
In each corner make 2 trebles 2 chain 2 trebles
So each side of round 2 has 11 trebles when complete

Round 4 ~ Make 3 chain for 1st treble then
 1 treble into the top of each treble of previous round
In each corner make 2 trebles 2 chain 2 trebles
So each side of round 2 has 15 trebles when complete

I made 10 squares from each 50g ball so that made 80 squares in total.
 This would make a rectangular blanket 8 x 10.
 I fancied a square blanket though
 and had enough yarn to make 1 more square 
giving me 81, which made a 9 x 9 arrangement.

If you missed the original blog post
 about the making of the squares you can read it HERE

The squares were all edged in cream and the ends sewn in.

If you missed the previous blog post about edging 
you can read it HERE

To join my squares I worked from the back
 using dc through both loops

This makes a good strong join
 and creates a nice neat look from the front

You can read last weeks blog post about the joining method

With the blanket now in 1 piece it was time for the border.
After much procrastinating and trials of several borders,
 I finally decided (with the help of my Instagram friends)
 that the joy of this blanket is the colourful squares.
 The purpose of a border is to frame
 and in this case
 it must not detract from the beauty of the squares.
and I kept it simple
 with a continuation of the same rows of trebles into each stitch.

To help the border lie flat
 I did 2 trebles then treble 2 together 
all the way round on my 1st round of the border.
 This decreases the stitch count and removes any frillyness.

I am totally in love with my finished Crofter Blanket 
and it is already feeling very much a part of Patchwork House!

This yarn has been a delight to work with.
 Its is smooth and slightly finer than most DK
 creating beautiful stitch definition.
The colours in the Baby Crofter are stunning making every stitch a joy.

This blanket is a keeper and will become a family treasure.
I hope you have enjoyed the watching
and maybe fancy having a make yourself?

Happy hookin!


 X X X


Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

It truly is a beautiful blanket. I never would of thought to use a variegated yarn like this but it works beautifully. I agree with you, a definite keeper.

Kathryn said...

What a beautiful blanket! I have not thought of using variegated yarn either but the result is stunning. Far fewer ends to weave in too but with a colourful result! I'll definitely think about this type of yarn for future projects Kathryn x

Unknown said...

How beautiful. Looking at it alone is surely worth all the work put into it. Thanks for sharing.

janice15 said...

It's just lovely.. I love all the color inside the white. Happy Saturday with love Janice

Unknown said...

Fabulous. Only starting to crochet but this had inspired me!

Unknown said...

I love your blanket!
I've used crofter before to make a jumper for my nephew

Congrats on the commission! X

Pat said...

Absolutely beautiful Heather. I love the finer wool, lovely clear stitch definition, shows the yarn off in all its gorgeous colours!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing all your knowledge and patterns so freely! Most would not. I absolutely love your colors and projects. You inspire many and your generosity keeps the craft retained for years to come! Thank you for that.

Amy at love made my home said...

It is lovely, and the cream borders set off the squares and the whole blanket beautifully!! xx

Gillian said...

It is really beautiful. I must try that joining method.

Nora said...

Just found your page on facebook (not sure how!) which has led me here.....so thrilled as your blog looks great.

Here's to hours of happy reading xx

mau said...

Just beautiful Blanket !!
love all the colours you have used...and your work is fabulous !!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! What a beautiful blanket!

Sharon@Kodykin's Crafts said...

Gorgeous blanket!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours! I'm inspired to crochet something colourful! Thank you!

Unknown said...

I am sooo happy I found your blog last night! I've been all over the place as you have so much information for FREE! Which makes me want to help with a donation to your blog once these holidays are behind us! I am quite new to crochet and cannot for the life of me, make a solid granny square! I keep frogging and frogging! Hopefully, with following your tutorials I will be able to create some! Happy hooking to you!

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