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28 January 2018

Continuous Join As You Go With Circles Tutorial

This tutorial is an addition to my first
It is an addition
 with just a change of a few stitches for when joining circles.
 You must read the original tutorial first.
Both tutorials use UK crochet terms.

So you have made yourself a lovely stack of circles
 and are ready to make them into squares and join.
The circles I am joining are the starburst flower by Jane Brocket.
The pattern is in the book The Gentle Art of Knitting 
and in Mollie Makes magazine issue 2.

 This all in 1 method replaces round 4 of the pattern
 and joins the motifs for you in 1 go with the bonus of no more ends!

Lay your motifs out in the desired arrangement for your blanket.
Label each row and store the stacked rows in a safe place.

Grab yourself a cuppa, the pile for row 1,
 your joining colour, hook and we are ready to go!
Familiarise yourself with the tutorial for joining squares,
you can read it
If you have used this before, you will know how easy it is
 and so all I am going to do now,
 is teach you how to adapt that method for joining circles.

I am right handed
 so begin in the top right hand corner of square 1
 and am working right to left across the first row of the blanket.
 (Left handers make a mirror image
 and start at the top left corner and work left to right.)

We are going to make 5 groups of stitches to
 travel across the top of the square.
In the joining squares tutorial you will remember that
 these are all groups of 3 trebles as the square has a straight edge.

Now here is the most important part of this whole tutorial.
To turn the curved edge of the circle into a straight edge
 we need stitches of different heights.

Begin with 3 double trebles in the first space (the longest stitch)
then 3 trebles in the next space (a medium sized stitch)
then 3 half trebles in the 3rd space (the shortest stitch)
then 3 trebles in the 4th space 
and 3 double trebles in the 5th space.
This is the first side of square 1.
You can see that we now have a straight edge.

Now you are ready to turn the corner.
Make 1 chain then a group of 3 double trebles in the same space.
then 3 trebles
then 3 half trebles
then 3 trebles
and then 3 double trebles.
You have now reached the next corner and can see the square appearing.
 You are ready to turn and attach the next circle.

Make 1 chain then begin with 3 double trebles into the 2nd circle.

Now we have to connect to the first square
 in the same way we did in the first tutorial.
 You can read about it in more detail there.

Put your hook under the first space on the first square

pull the yarn through the space (2 loops on hook)
then pull the 2nd loop through the first one

Now you are ready to continue making the side of square 2
 attaching to the side of square 1 as you go
 between every group of stitches. 

The rest is the same as in the first tutorial.
Keep going attaching all the circles for row 1 from right to left.

Then return across the bottom in the direction of the yarn shown here,
 from left to right across this picture below.

If you are new to this method
 it is important that you understand
 the direction in which you are working.
 This map will help.

So at this point we add row 2
and are not going to complete the 4th side of the first circle,
 that will be done at the very end.

Off we go with row 2
 joining the first circle from row 2
 to the first circle from row 1,
 using our groups of 3 stitches
 which change in height as we go across,
 making the circle become a square.
When you reach the corner link into the corner of row 1 square 2
 diagonally opposite, then turn
 and continue down the 2nd side of row 2 circle 1.

Keep going and have fun!
Before you know it 
you have a few rows and it looks like a scarf!

A few more rows and you can sit under it!

Then in a few days you have a blanket!

If you would like to read more about how this
 Black Forest Starburst flower blanket was made
 you can read

You can buy the yarn
You need Stylecraft Special DK
1 each of walnut, mocha, stone, cream, plum, grape, pale rose
and 4 parchment for joining

This tutorial comes to you free.
 It is my pleasure to share and encourage others with their crochet.
 However please understand that this takes weeks to crochet,
 hours to photograph and edit pictures
 and days at the computer writing the tutorial.
During which time I am not earning money
 from making items to sell.
If you have found this helpful
 please support my work here at The Patchwork Heart
 by making a small donation. You can do this via PayPal
 using the app on the sidebar when this is viewed on a computer.

Thank you for reading 
and I wish you all lots of happy hooky adventures!

x x x

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