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15 December 2021

Granny Stripe Scarf Tutorial

Here my friends is a little tutorial
for how I made this gorgeous granny stripe scarf.

The tutorial uses UK crochet terms.

I was inspired to make this 
having watched a tutorial on You Tube by Fiber Spider.
Searching hashtags on Instagram,
 also lead me to the blog of
who has a tutorial for one in Dutch. 
She has a chart and you can translate into English.

But I wanted to do it my own way 
and set about making triangles using my

I have used 9 shades of
and a 4mm hook.
It would also be nice made in 
Stylecraft Bellissima and Bambino DK.

The triangle is basically half a granny square.
I chose to make 2 rows in each colour,
as this halves the ends that have to be woven in.

I knot each pair of ends and then weave them in together.

The width of your scarf is shown here below,
 measuring from the point to the straight edge.
I have used 18 rows which is about 9 inches /23cm
 in my tension. You can use as many as you like.

I have used 6 triangles
 and made each one using the same 9 shades
 repeated in a different order each time.

Make a 2nd triangle and stop before the last row
You are going to use this last row to join onto the first triangle.

Notice that triangle 1 has the wrong side of its last row showing, 
see where my needle is pointing below.

You are going to attach the point of triangle 2 to the corner of triangle 1.

Start by placing your hook from bottom to top through the chain space,
pull the yarn through

and make a slip stitch

then chain 1.

The first group of 3 trebles 
is going to be made where my needle is pointing

after the 3 trebles you are ready to join onto triangle 1.

Again going from bottom to top, 
put the hook into the space in triangle 1 after the last 3 trebles.

Pull the yarn through and make a slip stitch.
Do the same again, 
3 trebles in the next space of triangle 2
 and slip stitch into the next space of triangle 1.

Notice the V shape being made by the slip stitch as you join,
 see where my needle is pointing above.
Continue joining the 2 triangles then finish off at the end.

Your 2 triangles join perfectly
 and start to form a scarf with parallel sides.

Make a 3rd triangle.
Stop before the last row.

Joining triangle 3
You are going to attach 3 into the space on 1.
Look where my needle is pointing.
 I find that this makes a better straight edge than going into 2.

So as before from bottom to top slip stitch 3 into 1.

Then chain 1.

Make your first group of 3 trebles
 in the first space on triangle 3.

Slip stitch into the space after the 3 trebles on triangle 2.

and carry on along the triangle to the end.

Keep adding as many triangles as you wish.

I used 6 triangles and my finished scarf is approx 
length 166cm /66inches
width 25cm/10inches
If you want a longer scarf, add more triangles.
If you want a wider scarf, add more rows to each triangle. 

To complete the scarf I have added a simple edging

Start with a stitch on your hook

and make a dc in any space
then chain 3

dc into the same space

slip stitch into the next space


so that is
chain 3, 

dc in same space

slip stitch in next space

keep going

When you get to the trebles on the end triangle (see below)

dc, chain 3, dc in same stitch, 
miss a stitch

This simple edging goes easily around the curves without any adjustment.

So there you have a gorgeous granny stripe scarf.

It is really soft and snuggly and sure to keep you warm.

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Have fun making this friends

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