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26 May 2015

Joining Squares Method 2 - Crochet together from the back

Crochet together from the back tutorial
(Tutorial uses English crochet terms)

1 Arrange your squares in a suitable colour order 
and make a final round on each with a contrasting joining colour.
Sew the final end in on each square using a darning needle.

2 Place 2 squares together with right sides facing. 
These will be the right hand squares on the 1st and 2nd rows.
Attach yarn through both corner loops

3 Place hook through both of the 1st stitches 
(4 loops on hook) and make a dc

4 Continue along whole row making dc then fasten off at the end.
Repeat for all rows in the same direction.

5 The joining stitch will form a ridge on the back of your work.

6 Turn your blanket
 and complete the rows in the opposite direction.

7 When finished the front has a smooth neat join

This is a very strong join. I like the addition of the
 contrasting colour to add a background to the blanket.
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