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12 April 2015

Crochet Inspiration Workshops

 I have a dream
 to be full time at The Patchwork Heart,
 making items to sell in my Etsy shop and teaching my craft.
At present school holidays are a time when I can live my dream
and this week has been a lovely little taste of my future. 

People often say they would love to visit my home
 full of colour and yarny goodness. It is indeed my happy place
 and I am blessed with time off now to enjoy much crochet therapy.

This week I began an exciting new chapter in my crochet journey
with a beginners crochet course at the lovely

Oh what a beautiful place it is
and such a perfect spot I'm sure you will agree
 for an evening of crochet inspiration

The happy faces say it all

what a wonderful time we had
learning to make granny squares

and of course there has to be tea and cake!

I am very excited to tell you
 that as well as more workshops at this lovely venue,
 I am in discussions with another local gallery space
 and will soon be releasing a programme of
 Crochet Inspiration Workshops
 for the summer and autumn!

I am planning workshops for experienced crocheters,
 to come along and enjoy sharing a time of colourful yarny goodness . . . 
time to meet other crochet enthusiasts and learn new skills.
It is hoped that some will be evenings and others will be Saturday afternoons,
 to allow people to travel from a distance to join us!

If this is something you would enjoy
 I'd be really pleased to hear from you,
 as I plan the projects for these Crochet Inspiration Workshops. 
Why not bring a group of friends and make it a day out?

Wishing you all a happy weekend




Gill - That British Woman said...

wish I were closer as I would love to learn to crochet.

Crafty Gifts & Crochet said...

We share not only the same dream but job too. I work in the school system & fill my evenings & hoildays with what I like to call my 'Crafty Adventures'. Your workshop looked like a huge success and long may it continue. Fingers crossed out dreams come true...
Crafty Gifts & Cards

pat said...

It is a dream of mine to visit the UK, see my son, and then come to a class of yours Heather! The venue is cosy and I'm sure the cake and tea are fab!

Trudie said...

I live in Shropshire - so not that far away from N. Wales so would be interested in the courses that you will be arranging - glad you had a good week off work xx

primrosesattic said...

Heather the tea room and your class look fab. If I was closer I would of loved to pop by.

Unknown said...

I've come back to blogging after a break......and I'm so glad to see how well you are doing!!
Very pleased life is good for you....and it's great to see you inspire so many people!!xx

NADINE said...

Oh, My ! I wish I was able to go to your workshops ! Unfortunately, I'm living part time in Spain and Belgium, so this would be very difficult... yet I'm so much enjoying your clever tutorials/lessons on your lovely blog, and I do hope you'll keep writing these !

THANK YOU so much for the inspiration you provide, hence the growing joy I feel while crochetting :))

With heartful greetings,

Catherine said...

Congratulations- one more step towards your dream. Let us know when your classes are on. I might be able to come from Cardiff.

susan said...

So happy I found you! You seem truly passionate about your crocheting. I hope your dream to do this full time comes true.

Gillian said...

It's great that you're able to do these workshops. I'm sure you really enjoy taking them as well as those attending enjoying them too. I start running a crochet class about a year ago and I love it.

Sarah ~ One Hundred and One Tales said...

It looked such a happy group! :) I hope you fulfill your dream one day Heather xx

Kim said...

Sharing the same dream! I live in NW too - not far from you I think - and work at a boys grammar! Got a couple of craft fairs coming up selling crafty and crochet things in Lancaster & Knott End - and wish I could come along to a group. A few of us crochet at school and get together occasionally and it's so much nicer sharing crafty time with other people! Kim x

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