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9 August 2015

The Photographer's Blanket 2015

 Back in summer 2014
 I had the pleasure of designing a special colourful granny blanket
 for a photographer to use in her work with children. 

It gives me great pleasure to work with customers
 and discuss a special make to suit their needs.
 Lorna wanted something traditional
 that would be suitable for boys and girls.

I am so proud and excited to see my blanket
 in these beautiful photographs
 and am wishing I had young children again
 to have her photograph my family!

 is based in the Cardiff area
 but will travel to take your photographs.
This week I am delighted to have been featured
 on her Facebook Page

Photography by Lorna

Yet again I am pleased to be working with Lorna
 and this year she has commissioned me
 to make her a traditional granny squares blanket.

The colour recipe she has chosen is
in denim cloud blue grey silver and white.

This is going to make a lovely blanket
 with a timeless quality and vintage feel.

I like to make my squares in batches,
 doing the same colour on each square,
 I find this increases my production rate
 and makes best use of my time as it saves changing colours.
Then I will have a session at the end of sewing all the ends in.

All the squares will be the same
 and they will be joined with silver using the 

For those of you who ask
 how to make a perfect granny square
 you may like to read my tutorial

Do watch on Facebook and Instagram
 for daily updates as I make 
and come back next week
 to see how this blanket is progressing.

Happy hookin friends




Gehaakt met Liefde said...

That's very special, I van imagine you must be proud.

Unknown said...

I love the colors and the Blues and Greys vomiment each other so nicely.

Annerose said...

Gratuliere, schön deine Decke mit den Kindern. Du kannst stolz sein auf dich.
Und die neuen Decken werden auch wieder wunderschön.
Liebe Grüße AnneRose

Kathryn at Crafternoon Treats said...

I love the blues and greys together Heather - this will make a lovely blanket xxx

Beca said...

The blanket looks so wonderful in the photos. It makes such a nice addition. How exciting to share your work in that way.
xx Beca

Janet said...

Beautiful colours. I like to work the same way as you, in batches. It does seem to make the process so much quicker.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous story! Who says that yarn crafts are over? They are alive and traditional/vintage makes are enjoying an upsurge in popularity, largely due to people like yourself. Your work is exceptional. Incredibly neat, beautifully shaded and lovingly made. I am sure your photographer client will be as appreciative of the new blanket as she has been with the original one. Not to mention the little folk she photographs.

Unknown said...

Your work is so beautiful.
I am so happy to have found your wonderful blog & have added you to my favourite's sidebar so I never miss a post.
I am enjoying going through some of your old posts & am new to Instagram & Facebook so am following you on there now.
Thank you for giving such inspiration.
Fondly Michelle

Gillian said...

The new granny square blanket is going to be gorgeous.

Viola said...

It is the first time that I visit your blog but I stayed for a little while. Your blankets just look beautiful, you are such a talented crocheter! I will sure come back here. Viola

Lazy Days & Sundays said...

Hi Heather

As I have been following you on IG I thought I should come and find you here too. It's lovely to see your blanket being used within someone else's work you must look at it and think my goodness I made that... even nicer that you have now been asked to make another one and the colours are lovely. See you over on IG no doubt.

Unknown said...

Oh! I liked that blanket so much I made one myself, using your colour combination and as I had the book you got your squares from, I also made the same squares. I still think it is the prettiest blanket I made so far.

Lulu said...

i so looooove your blog and fb page..you always put a smile on my face with your beautiful ghans..

Gillian said...

Your blanket is really gorgeous.

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