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2 July 2016

Baby Blankets

Good morning my friends and a happy weekend to you all.
 Do hope you are keeping warm this cold July!

This morning I have been enjoying a new rainbow ripple
 on my hook and I'm loving the new shade of
from Stylecraft Yarns in their Special DK.
 It fits so well in my rainbow between lipstick and spice!

Baby blankets are always such fun to make and sell so fast.
This week I've made a rainbow granny square
 which is now on its way to a new home.
The rainbow interspersed with parchment make a very attractive blanket.
the colour recipe I have used is
Stylecraft Special DK in
mustard gold spice tomato claret raspberry plum grape
 violet lobelia denim storm blue sage pistachio lime and parchment

and sold a pretty pastel ripple
 which is soon to be keeping a new baby girl warm.
colour Recipe
Stylecraft Special DK
sherbet apricot wisteria spring green lemon candyfloss and cream

You may be interested to know
 that I always keep ready made blankets for sale in my
 So when you suddenly need a new baby gift do take a look,
 I have many colours and various sizes in stock.
 However if you wish to order a specially made blanket
 in any pattern or colours please email me at
 and I will be delighted to send you my price list and make one for you

It's always so good to see babies modelling my blankets
 and this week I've been delighted to receive 2 photos
 from happy customers
 who gave me permission to share these with you.

Last time I wrote
 I left you with a teasing glance
 at some pretty pastel grannies that I was working on.

I used 10 pretty shades of
the colour recipe is
spring green
soft peach
cloud blue
duck egg

As always I work in a production line fashion
 and make all the round in the same colour at one time.
 This increases your speed as you are not changing balls of yarn
 or wondering which colour to pick.

165 mini grannies meant a lot of ends to sew in,
but a wonderful discovery at Lidl of their Big Hit chocolate peanuts
made it all very yummy!

so this really was a labour of love
 and I'm afraid I wont be making another for a long while!

You will notice that I alternate the side I work from on my grannies.
This is done to avoid that awful granny square twist.
you can read a tutorial about how I make my granny squares

For this blanket I chose to join the squares as I made the 4th round
 so there is no background colour
. I really like this look but of course again it means lots of ends.
 Unfortunately if you want colour you have to have ends!

If you are interested in trying this joining method
 you will enjoy the good tutorial by Lucy at Attic 24

The blanket soon comes together
 and then it's the exciting time to choose a border.

I used 27 from the book

this is a great book which I highly recommend.
 It is clearly written in US terms
 and also has very good charts to follow.

This blanket was a special commission for a baby soon to arrive,
using a neutral colour palette so it is suitable for both boy or girl.
The border is made in the gorgeous new shade of
which Stylecraft have recently added to the range of Special DK.

A beautiful blanket that I was sad to part with.
 One day I must make one to keep for Patchwork House!

Wishing you all a happy restful weekend



Anonymous said...

Hello from Hong Kong!

Just wanted to say that your work looks amazing ... I have that borders book too but haven't gotten around to using it yet, but I think I'll go find where I've put it.


Jo @ whizzbangpop on wordpress

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Those babies are very lucky, beautiful blankets! :) xxx

Janice said...

Hi, beautiful blankets, all lovely colour ways. The border is lovely too. I've got that book about borders, and find it very useful. Janice http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Love the blankets. Happy Sunday Heather. Have a joyful day. Ruth x

Sam I Am...... said...

Love all your baby blankets and it is amazing how many different combinations you come up with and they are all lovely! I am very interested in your ripple that you have at the very beginning too! I love the colors so far and I could see how you could make it a rainbow or make it in monochromatic shades to match your decor. I see another order to Deramores in my future! LOL! Thank you for all your beautiful work and inspiration. I am presently working on a giant granny square and really enjoying it. I find it hard to put down!

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