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7 January 2017

Quotes to encourage and inspire

Hello my hooky friends
wishing you all a happy Saturday!

Here at Patchwork House my day started in my favourite way,
 with a long sit surrounded by my yummy crochet,
 accompanied by teas and coffees till I felt ready to move!
 I hope that you too are able to find
 that much needed therapeutic hooky time today.

Over the years it has become my trademark
 to post mug shots of my mug matching my crochet.
 When I dared to suggest that I might change my posts 
a few years, ago I was flooded with pleas to continue!

To thank you all for being there,
 (as without your loyal following my work would have no purpose),
this year I have decided to produce for you
a series of quotes, set on these images you love so much.
Quotes to inspire and encourage, that you may use.
Please feel free to save them on your Pinterest or post them on your sites.
It is my aim to encourage others.

I can't work as a school teacher anymore
 but I can post pictures of my crochet to inspire and encourage others!
Many of you will know that the last 2 years have been difficult for me,
 faced with chronic illness and having to take early retirement from a job I loved.
It's a long road of constant blood tests and trying new medication,
dealing daily with pain, exhaustion and fatigue,
 hoping that eventually one day I will find something
 to stabilise my connective tissue disorder,
 which will enable me to have a better quality of life.

In the mean time I've decided, that the only way forward for 2017,
 is to stop grieving for the past and move forward!
 So with my positive pants on,
 I am encouraging myself as much as you, by making these quotes!

So I will indulge myself in colour

beautiful mugs 

and enjoy every moment of what I do.
I am so blessed to be able to crochet full time
and to have you share my journey.

Crochet is such therapy,
 with the concentration needed,
 the constant counting takes my mind off pain
 and provides excellent exercise for my sore swollen hands.

Its not going to be easy
but Ive got a big smile today
and am looking forward to what 2017 has to bring!

I have created a page for these quotes
 which you can access easily
 from the menu at the top right of the blog.
Take a look
So do check back regularly to see new ones added each week.
You can also find these on my Facebook page in an album

I wish you all a happy weekend.
Don't forget to squeeze in some colourful crochet therapy

with love


Tanna said...

You are so artistic with your color choices. Just beautiful. And, I love your inspirational quotes as well. I hope this year ends up bringing you more joy than you could imagine as you let the past go and move forward. Kudos to you! blessings ~ tanna

Lisa~Doyoumindificrochet ~Sammamish, WA said...

I love this post! Thank you for sharing these wonderful, colorful, positive, yarny, mug filled posts.
I think i will share a few on my instagram & fb page. They are called Doyoumindificrochet.

Lisa~Doyoumindificrochet ~Sammamish, WA said...

I love this post! Thank you for sharing these wonderful, yarny, colorful, positive pictures with us.

Radka said...

What a wonderful post :-)

Pattypan said...

Very inspiring. Soft tissue connection disorder can be very denilitating. I know. Hugs. But as you say you just have to find a better way round things which will in the long run be gentler and of greater benefit to you.Just not necessarily the way envisaged. However we do have to deal with What is rather than the what ifs. I have recently had an operation on my foot to keep me walking in the longer term so am hoping to get stuck into some hooky in the coming days. Just you take care x

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

A lovely post and what pretty pictures with quotes. I would love to use one on my blog with a link to you of course. I am intrigued that you are such a fighter...ah women, I think we are amazing. Happy hooking in 2017!

Unknown said...

So beautiful! I love your mugs. I am an absolute sucker for a pretty mug...but I have to be good and not buy any more because I have nowhere to put them! Thank you for the inspirational, and beautiful, pictures x

angela said...

I'm sorry your going through this. I too suffer chronic pain and I took crochet up as a therapy
It helped me to feel less useless as I was still producing smoothing even if I was in bed all day
I found your site during the darkest of these days and the beautiful pics brightened m y life

Notes from my Corner said...

THANK YOU, dear Heather, for such a wonderful, positive post ! I LOVE your quotes and the pictures behind, and I'll certainly collect them to put in my personnal diary :)

I've been an avid quilter for a long time (I still am), yet crochet always nested in a little corner of my mind. My grandmother taught me when I was a little girl, and I always wanted to get back to it... all I needed was time!

Retirement (from teaching) offered me that time I needed to start my crochet adventure. Blisssssss !
I'm living in a small, Belgian country village, far from any crochet (or quilting) group, but thanks to the Internet (aren't we Lucky ?), I could dive into wonderful crochet blogs - such as yours -

I'm Learning so much with you, and visiting your Blog is like having a cuppa with a friend :)
You've got that gift to make things simple and achievable, and I'm very grateful to know you...

Happy New Year, dear Heather, I wish you plenty of daily joys, as well as the médicine that will help you feel better !

In stitches,

StitchyDragon Creates said...

Very inspiring quotes & beautiful colourful crochet! Thank you so much 😃 I will pray for the coming months to bring positive strides in your fight against chronic pain, God bless you, Helen

Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Dear Heather,
thank you for being there, for inspiring us and for your love!
Wishing you strength and joy,

Janice said...

Hi heather, what beautiful photographs....love the colour combinations in them all, and yes your mugs match beautifully. Have you ever done a toy using the African flower crochet? I've just bought a pattern for an elephant, and can't wait to start him. Great quotes too!! Janice http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Fabulous post - I adore your mug shot pictures with the inspiring words they really do lift my spirits. Thank you so much xx

selina said...

loved the quotes & the matching mugs & cups! so artistic!
hope you do get well soon, not fun being sick all the time
thanx for sharing

Kerry said...

I love your quotes and they'll resonate with many people I'm sure x Inspired by your 'can'ts into cans' quote I've finally got round to starting my own blog. Today I wrote my first post! Off to crochet now to recover! ;) x

Sum of their Stories said...

Fantastic - what a great start to the year. Thank you so much.

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