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10 March 2013

Spring Daisies

Sorry I'm a bad blogger!
I've not been idle ... just too busy with school and crochet orders!
So here is an update of some new blankets I've made

I have enjoyed trying something new!

A beautiful daisy square from

Oh they have been so pretty

and brought a touch of Spring into my life

I will be making this again!
Hope you like it too!

Happy Mothers Day to you all



sweetbriardreams said...

Thank you for the link to Tillie Tulip Blog, I have been wondering how you have made the daisies. I had a go myself but they just didn't look right. This blanket is beautiful and I have been following this being put together. Thanks for sharing. Chel x

Ana BC said...

What a sweet coincidence, Heather! I just finished a Daisy blanket too, but have not taken pictures yet... Your blanket looks SO beautiful!!!

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