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10 March 2013

Keeping Britain warm!

This winter I've enjoyed making something new

Following the discovery
 of some good quality cheap hotties
 in my local bargain store

I've been busy creating cosy hot water bottles
which have been extremely popular!


granny squares

small and big

a cosy polo neck

bright rainbow colours

and pretty granny chic

Keeping GB warm!

I hope you are keeping warm as it is snowing again today!



sweetbriardreams said...

It's snowing here too...typical! These are just perfect, do you follow a specific pattern for the sizes or is it just plain old fashioned luck. They are beautiful. Take care. Chel x

Jille said...

They are such pretty hot water bottles that I would be sad to put my feet on them! xx

Ladybird Diaries said...

Love your cosy hottie covers and also all of the rest of your gorgeous crochet on your lovely blog!
M xxxx

Heidi Kuijer said...

I just found your blog today. I love the covers you made. I have been searching for hot water bottles here but we no longer have them readily for sale in Holland. I so want to make one of these but have to try again next winter.

Hugs from Holland ~

Unknown said...

Your style is so nice! I love your blog and post on Facebook! Good job, Nadia from North Italy

Sandra said...

I've just discovered all your lovely hot-water bottle covers! I really would love to make some as gifts and reckon I can manage the simple rectangle pattern with a button closure. May I ask you if you can indicate a link on how to make the polo neck part at the top? I would really love to know how to make that part! Thank you so much! Sandra

isabella said...

I just find your blog from Lucy's Attic24, but I can't sign to follow you:I'll try later!
Isabella from Milan

Ashley cramp said...

How lovely...I found you via attic 24 and was admiring her hot water bottle....now you have a new follower too!
bestest wishes to you today
daisy j x

Sandra said...

I love the granny square hot water bottle cover! Really fun! I should try and make one instead of wrapping a towel around my bottle!!

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