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26 January 2014

Starburst Crazy

Each weekend I am going to feature
 one of my popular blanket makes . . .

The idea came to me
 when I was reordering my facebook albums .
 I couldn't believe it
 but out of 35 albums
 I have 11 different blanket types!

So I thought this might be of interest to you
and this week will begin with
the starburst or sunburst flower.

I first discovered this sweet little starburst flower
  in Mollie Makes issue 2
and in the book called
The Gentle Art of Knitting
by Jane Brocket
(This book is mostly knitting with 2 crocheted blankets)

I think it is fair to say
 that I have a love affair with this
 delicious indulgent little circle

there are often piles of them
 to be found adorning the surfaces of
 Patchwork House

there is something so sumptuous
 about their soothing symmetry and tantalising textures
from the 3 different stitches used

it has to be said
 that I am very OCD 
and love nothing better than 
some good organised crochet . . .
it is more time efficient to make all the centres first

then plan the second rounds
and finally the thirds

choosing the colours is the best part

and finally that satisfying sight of a basket full
 ready to be joined

my preferred method is join as you go
and you can read my tutorial

the texture added by join as you go
adds a lovely three dimensional quality
 and makes the blankets feel so rich

they come together really fast

and once you have mastered the technique

you can join the whole blanket in one go

with the added bonus of no ends!!!

Apart from blankets
 they are great for scarves

so soft and snuggly

and pretty cushions
with different sides front and back

This week my love affair continues

as I have the pleasure
 of working with shades of raspberry and plum

to make a large throw for a bed

121 flowers made
and waiting patiently

 to be surrounded
 with rich sumptuous cream!

My favourite yarn for blanket making is
Stylecraft Special DK which comes in over 80 fabulous shades.
 It is machine washable and very affordable.
You can buy it 

Come back next week for the big reveal!

Till then happy hookin girls
big thanks
 for all your lovely comments and emails

x x x


Claire Mackaness said...

looking lovely as always Heather, your pictures make me smile every day. I think I'd like to try one of these next, I just need a small person to make one for!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I am in love with the blanket with the random motifs in the earthy shades and the solid cream squares........just stunning!

Eilidh said...

Hi Heather what an inspiring post I love the colours - I want to drop what I am doing and create wee piles of crochet - thank you E :-) x

AlisonB43 said...

Heather, these are lovely circles/squares. I have never done them but now they are sure to be on my 'to do' list. I do love all the colours, but the raspberry/plum/lilac combination is one of my favourite so can see something similar being made in the not too distant future (very self-indulgently just for myself")

Lillie and Moss said...

Lovely makes Heather....so much inspiration here I don't know where to start! Love the plum and raspberry blanket, it's going to be beautiful!
xx Shari

Becky said...

Hey there - I have never read your blog before so you may have answered this question already - but what yarn do you use so that you don't bankrupt yourself !! I am finding this blanket making thing very expensive indeed !

Unknown said...

hermoso, y gracias por compartir el LINK. Ya mismo me paso a recorrerlo todo.
feliz semana.
Doris Estela

Heldasland said...

My goodness these are so special. Love every single image, it is all so very inspirational

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