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9 February 2014

Hot Water Bottle Love

At this time of year
 Patchwork House turns into a hot water bottle production line!
 Oh these little bottles of colour have proved to be
 sooooo popular!


I make them with stripes
in pretty bright colours

man colours


and traditional granny squares

in girly colours

bright colours


deep colours

all with coordinating buttons

flowers are popular too

but my new favourite is this

narrow stripes
with many colours and stitches
inspired by the 
as we go stripey blanket!

I'm always being asked for the pattern but sadly it's still in my head!
There is a task for another day to write it up . . .
 maybe when I've had enough of making them Ill sell the pattern!

Well keep warm my dears!
February is nearly half way through . . .
I do hope you are enjoying the lighter days.

School closes on Valentines Day
 for our much needed half term holiday
 and I am looking forward to being Mrs Patchwork Heart
 for a whole week!

See you then!

x x x


Erika said...

Love your big variety of water bottles and lovely patterns. Wish we could find water bottles so easily here in the USA, as I have been looking for one for quite some time now. They remind me of my childhood, when I had to sleep in my grandma's cold bedroom and all that kept you warm, was one of those water bottles. What a clever idea to give them a sweater and keep us warm even more.
Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful and creative week!

Sharla Greenway said...

Loving the lovely different colours of bottles.
Whereabouts do you get them from?

The Patchwork Heart said...

Hot water bottles can be bought in supermarkets and pharmacies also on ebay or amazon but they are expensive! I source them from local bargain stores but they are hard to find!

Samantha Roberts said...

They all look so pretty but I like the pastel one best. Enjoy your half term, it's our wedding anniversary that week too so we'll all go to Pizza Express for lunch - yes all the children will come as well!! Enjoy, Sam xx

Kandi said...

Heather they are beautiful! My favourite is the pastel granny square it popped straight out to me, but I love the idea of the new striped one. It's difficult to make for men and boys but your 'manly' hotties are a great idea xx

Jenn M said...

Wow - I had no idea hot water bottles came in any colour other than red! You just may have found yourself another revenue source:)
Love the crochet covers, I don't think I could decide on just one. I would like to make the stripey blanket but was at a loss as to what colours to use. I really like the colour-way you chose for the bottle size version.
Have a lovely, crafty break!
Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

Irene said...

Brilliant Hot water bottle covers. My favourite are the pastel shades.

Unknown said...

So many gorgeous patterns Heather! I think my fav is your stripy one too! It's scrummy!
Frofunky x

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Love all the colours of your pretty crochet covers Heather!
Not too long now until half term...have fun Mrs.Patchwork Heart...
Susan x

Ladybird Diaries said...

These are just lovely! I like the pastel covers especially. So snuggly and cosy.
Marianne x

Josie said...

Ohh, I love these and your whole blog is such stunning eye candy! I am a bit jealous of your photography skill, but on the bright side they inspire me to keep practising.

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