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22 April 2014

Willow Blanket tadaa!

A few weeks ago
 I shared with you the delightful willow blocks I was making

Using the pattern from
I set about making 49 of these 6 inch squares
in beautiful shades of Stylecraft Special DK
using a 3.5mm hook

I have used
1 each of claret, copper, spice, gold, mocha,
 meadow, teal, plum, grape and raspberry
with 3 dark brown for joining

The pattern was easily memorised
 and soon I was making without the book!

Loving the lace pattern
 which shows so clearly when the blocks are made in a single colour
I decided on a very simple join ...
working in dark brown I used dc with wrong sides together
 as I wanted the join to be minimal allowing the blocks to shine!

then for the border I chose something deep and lacey
which you can buy from Amazon

I am absolutely delighted with this plain blanket
which has been made as a wedding gift.

It was lovely to have the opportunity
 to create something new and different
 which I know will inspire future orders.

I hope you like it too!

happy hookin
x x x


SaraJ said...

Beautiful. I've just treated myself to the "block" book, and can't wait to start making some.

Unknown said...

Lovely blanket and gorgeous colours. I have recently taken to blogging - I mostly work with fabrics but have re-discovered crochet. I have linked you in my latest blog, as one of my inspirations. xxx

Miss said...

Your squares are well done.

Beca said...

It's beautiful! I like the brown edging and join. It really makes the colors pop. So pretty!
xx Beca

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I'm so happy looking through your blog - it is truly gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing ;)

Pat said...

I absolutely love this blanket .. I think it will be my next big project! The ladies in my crochet group are going gaga about the Willow Square and how stunning it looks in solid colours .. like yours! :)Pat

Anonymous said...

It's really gorgeous! I am so loving it :-) Could you possibly list the Stylecraft colours you used? They work so well together. I am hopeless at colour matching lol x

Linda said...

Wow Heather this turned out beautifully, I love Stylecraft DK, so many beautiful colours to play with. This block is very pretty too, loving the lacy effect of the stitches x

AlisonB43 said...

This is a stunning project, the colours are lovely and the pattern looks so complicated. I do have the 'block' book, but I have other projects on the go and have to be so disciplined not to start anything new (I have already done this and made myself unpick the 'rounds') I am also keen to use the Stylecraft DK yarn, but am all too slowly working my way through my huge 4ply stash. You are truly inspirational, and I know the recipient will love this blanket.

Samantha Roberts said...

What a beautiful blanket and a fabulous gift! Lovely work, Sam xxx

trills said...

Wow! That is a beautiful blanket Heather. The newly weds will be absolutely delighted. I will have to look up that pattern. I love it. Blessings, Trills.

madewithloops said...

Truly lovely how this turned out and as you say, it will hopefully bring you many new orders.
hugs, Heike x

Pammy Sue said...


patchworkandlace said...

Hi Heather love you homey pics and of course your work is amazing , you are one very talented lady xxxx

cockney blonde said...

Just found your blog via facebook. Love this blanket, beautiful, x

Sammi said...

I absolutely love this - and the blues and greys Willow rug you have done. Shows I have a lot to learn about colours!! Do you mind if I link your blog to mine? For this beautiful inspiration?
Hook Knit Sew

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