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5 May 2014

Colour choosing

Colour is the best part of my work
I love to start any new project

but especially when
 I have spent time discussing with my customer 
and helping her to choose

photos of furnishings and favourite ornaments sent by the customer
make it such a pleasure
 to choose yarn and coordinate a blanket for a special room

I have spent many happy hours
 working on this blanket 
which happens to be in my favourite colours

I love all shades of blue and green together
and it was a delight
 to work with these 10 different shades of Stylecraft Special DK

100 starburst flowers and no 2 the same
to be surrounded in the classy shade of parchment

I am so pleased the customer followed my advice
 and chose the parchment background
 instead of the white she originally ordered

it was such a pleasure
 to work closely with my customer
 and come up with a unique colour scheme for her home

to receive her comment

"Think I'm going to cry! 

This is now going to be my favourite thing in my house"

has made my day!

I hope you are all having a fabulous relaxing Bank Holiday
Happy Hookin!

x x x


Miss said...

So beautiful.
It is true that the parchment is better than the white.
It is always a big decision when it is time to chose colours.
And you have so much colours.
For me I always miss one colour when I knit or crochet something!
But you blanket is just the good colours.
Have a good week

cockney blonde said...

I'm not surprised she was happy with it. It is stunning. Love those colours and that stylecraft yarn is fab, I love knitting and crocheting with it, x

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Love the colour combination, I'm looking at doing something similar for my lounge. How could you part with it? :-D

AlisonB43 said...

The colours are beautiful and you are right that the parchment really works. It is strange as I have been using a similar shade in my current granny squares afghan, but it does not work with the other colours, so I am about to unpick around 16 squares. Maybe it is because I was using the shade within the design not as a backing (I did come to the conclusion that it would make a far better base colour!) I wish I could understand colours better ...

Bernice said...

These colours are indeed amazing and the blanket is beautiful. Well done and thank you for sharing your lovely work.
Do you use the join as you go technique with the squares? I haven't tried that yet, but I always worry the join will be 'holey'. What are your feelings about this technique or sewing the seams by hand?
Kind regards,
B x

Jacky said...

I really like the parchment. You must find it hard to let go of such a lovely blanket!

Unknown said...

What a wonderfull blanket. I love the color combination and the pattern. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. So I could see, how to finish a Granny Square blanket with such a interesting border. Great work!
Regards from Germany Andrea

Unknown said...

What a beautiful color combo! Love this blanket! Could you reveal us please which colors you did use?

Anonymous said...

This is very, very pretty!


Anonymous said...

This is very, very pretty!


MaschelleMEcfs said...

I am a big fan of these style grannies in black and white, only recently being introduced to the look of MC's like the parchment you used, and oh boy. "Classy" is a good way to put it! I feel happiest in a room full of Victorian "clutter by design". Everywhere you look a visual treat greets you.. Pearls, English roses, teacups, satin gloves, colored glass, lace, beautiful furniture with lovely fabrics... And the choice of Parchment gives that vintage, classy look that makes blankets like these a real work of art that belongs in any room without overpowering the room. You did a beautiful job with the color choices and the choice of border? Fabulous way to wrap up a work of art! I can see why your client cried for joy when she saw it! A beautiful blanket that will certainly become a family heirloom for your client!

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