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9 November 2014

Sunday afternoon treat

Hello my hooky friends
 happy Sunday to you all!

Oh there is so much excitement 
here at Patchwork House this week
 as the gorgeous colourful squares of my new blanket
 have been surrounded with cream.
The lovely people at 
gave me this pretty
 to work with.
 If you missed the previous post you can read it

To be honest at first
 I wasn't liking the random effect
 as much as I thought I would.
 I adore the yarn
 as it is so soft and finer than I am used to.
 It produces beautiful even stitch definition
 and the colours are just fab!
I am using

However when I made the border of each square
 in cream Sirdar Snuggly DK
it just made the colours
 and I totally fell in love!

It is a frequent sight
 here at Patchwork House
 to find piles of squares
 as ornaments on tables and window sills
 in baskets and on trays
but oh what a pleasure
what a wonderful sight 
when the ends have been sewn in!

So today I have rushed home from church
 and am going to delight in
 an afternoon of joining!

my delight
 to be
 home in daylight hours
 in a quiet house
alone with this pile of yarny goodness!

Do come back next week
 for an update on the joining progress and border!

Till then have a happy hooky week my friends




Christina said...

I wasn't sure when you first posted about the new yarn but goodness me, now edged in cream they are gorgeous!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That is going to be really pretty.

Renata said...


Melissa said...

You are so right, the cream border does the trick! Lovely :-D

Amy at love made my home said...

Looking at just one square it isn't my thing, but... when they are all together and with the border round them they look really great don't they. It just shows that you need to stay with things and see the whole picture! xx

Gillian said...

Hope you had fun with all the joining. The squares look amazing.

Pat said...

What absolutely stunning yarn, can't wait to see the finished blanket!

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