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21 May 2016

Colour makes my world go round

Mandala making is such a pleasure.
 "What are they"
 I hear you ask!

 Well a mandala is a circular geometric pattern,
 a beautiful colourful piece of crochet.

 They are perfect for using up scraps of different coloured yarns,
 for practising different stitches and just for the joy of making.
 My home is full of them
 and when we moved house recently
 I had such fun unpacking them and 
finding new homes for these treasures!

 "What do you use them for"
 I am often asked!
 They make wonderful table centres,
 are perfect as a mat under a jug of flowers or ornament.

 I often use them just on their own
 for the sheer indulgence
 of having some colourful crochet on view to enjoy!

In the past I've made small plain coloured coasters,

 medium and large mats
 for vases and extra large as a table centre.

The week I've been exploring on Pinterest
 and spent many happy hours browsing and collecting patterns.

 There are many very talented and kind designers out there,
 all around the globe,
 who have written and published their patterns for free.
 You can visit my collection

Last week I began making medium sized mandalas
 and used the lovely pattern by  Crochet Millan called

They measure 18cm in diameter
 and are a perfect size for under a vase.

You can visit the blog and find her on

This week I have been using
 It is a beautiful yarn with a soft sheen that does not split.
 It is available in 29 gorgeous colours, 
comes in great 100g balls and has fabulous stitch definition.
 and I used a 3mm hook to give a nice firm texture.

So when you compare yarn prices do notice this ball
is double the size of most cottons
 which are sold in 50g balls,
 which makes it excellent value for money!

 Photographing these beauties was such fun,
 they are now listed in my
 and are selling fast!

As you know it is my pleasure to share
 and I like nothing more than setting up a photo shoot
 here at Patchwork House to show you my crochet in action.

 It is with great joy
 that I read all your lovely comments and feedback
 and I thank you for your continued interest in my work.

 So following on from all the love that this 
extra large table mat has received
 I will be making some similar next week for my shop.
 This mandala is 40cm diameter
 and is most striking
 as a table centre either alone or under a dish or vase.

After hours of admin behind the scenes,
 doing all the necessary computer work
 that goes along with my work here at The Patchwork Heart,
 it's time or me to get back to my hook.

Just look at these gorgeous colours
 I'm having the pleasure of this week!

 My customer chose well
 and I'm enjoying this juicy fruit colour recipe so much!

Colour Recipe ~ Juicy Fruits
Colour Recipe ~ Stylecraft Special DK
 in mustard, spice, tomato, fuschia purple, fondant, pale rose,
 violet, bluebell, duck egg, sage and pistachio to be joined with denim

This is a Circle of Friends blanket using the pattern by
 and again I am enjoying working in a production line!

 If you missed my post a few weeks ago about
 how I plan colours you can read it
Have a lovely hooky weekend my dears



Unknown said...

I love to see your daily posts, I look forward to seeing them every day. I do not have an I for colour at all so when I see your colour combinations I sometimes copy them but when anyone comment's on my work I always tell them I get all my colour inspiration from you and tell them who you are. Keep up your beautiful work and thank you.

Pauline Brook

Anonymous said...

Your crochet photos should be available as colour therapy for those suffering from depression or for their GPs to recommend surfing for themselves. And then to take up as a hobby. Colour Kits to Lift Your Mood!

Pat said...

Glorious colour in abundance! Thank you for totally improving my Sunday! Pat xx

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful mandalas they really lift the spirits.

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