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8 May 2016

The gentle art of crochet

The gentle art of crochet

hours of creativity playing with colours

Bridal gift
mental stimulation as I learn new patterns

Gift for a baby girl
huge satisfaction
 as I see balls of yarn turning into useful items to sell

Heart is a variety of colours

but so much more than that

it gives me something to get up for each day

a sense of being at work when I can't

it has given me crochet colleagues and customers
 to chat to all around the globe

and is a wonderful distraction from pain and fatigue.

Even if I am sat in my pj's
 and haven't been out of the house for days
 crochet keeps me sane!
Thank you for the many lovely emails and comments
 I have received here in blog land and on


 I read them all
 and really appreciate the time you all take to write.
It's great to be back in this happy place!
 It has helped me along meeting many of you
 who also cope with chronic illness
 and helps me to cope as I start my new journey
 along this unknown path of Lupus.

Granny Sweet Heart by Nancy Drew

This week has been all about hearts here at Patchwork House
 restocking my little Etsy shop with gifts for you to buy!
 I enjoying making this quick little heart,
and have been working with a fabulous cotton that does not split!
 comes in 29 shades and I highly recommend it!
 The pattern for the Granny Sweet Heart is available free on

 Putting together colour recipes is my joy, 
conjuring up combinations that will appeal for different occasions

A gift for a bride
A gift for a baby girl
A gift for a baby boy
A new home gift
Whatever the occasion these hearts are just the job!

So it's back to my hook now
This weekend is looking purple!

I am working on a plum starburst flower blanket which is an order
(Pattern by Jane Brocket in the book The simple art of knitting)

and a lilac ripple pram blanket which is for sale
(Pattern neat ripple from Attic 24 blog)

Stylecraft Special DK

I also have picked a delicious colour selection
 ready to make myself a ripple
 to add to the blanket collection here at Patchwork House!

I sell ready made items in my Etsy shop
 and also take orders for customised blankets.
 If you would like to order please email me at
 and I will send you a price list.

Have a wonderful day friends
Happy hookin


Emma F said...

Thank you for sharing this post. I too have spent the last few days on the sofa, seemingly watching life pass me by as my family has to carry on without me. I crochet to stay sane, and hate the days when I can't even do this due to the dreadful random pain of fibromyalgia. Love your colourful and uplifting posts, and hope your flare up calms down very soon.

Unknown said...

Your hearts are very pretty, such lovely colours. I love the colours of yarn in your basket under the ripple, could you please tell me what they are? And I agree with you crochet is amazing, it keeps me on a more even keel.

hellogorgeousdesign said...

I love that crochet gives you all this! πŸ’“ I find it calms my depressive mind, gives it breathing space to feel a little stronger, sadly my tendonitis is playing up so am on a go slow roll right now, soooo frustrating πŸ˜• Keep doing what you're doing, Heather, you're such an inspiration to so many of us! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ž

hello gorgeous design

Elsie Pop said...

These hearts are gorgeous! So glad crochet gives you so much joy when dealing with your illness. xx

Berit said...

It's always a pleasure to see pictures of your colourful creations and they're a great inspiration to me as I love to crochet and have a 1 year young Etsy shop still waiting to kick off. Have a fabulous day and looking forward to seeing more of your lovely creations. xx Berit

Janice said...

Hi, just love your crochet projects. I'm a self taught crocheter, and i'm beginning to have the confidence to try new patterns, thanks to seeing what you and others do on their blogs. Keep up the good work. Janice x http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

Misa said...

I really love those hearts! I think they'd make lovely bunting for the crochet corner in my kitchen. :)

By Neymes said...

Heart Beautiful!! Boa semana.ValΓ©ria.(Brasil).

Anonymous said...

You've said that beautifully... And your crochet is fabulous.
I only discovered your blog today, but became immediately your follower.
Love your projects...and the thoughts behind them.
Take care,

Unknown said...

Hi, I also discovered your blog today, your crochet is so lovely, these crocheted hearts are so sweet, them make feel like I will crochet one of them, love the color on yours.
Thanks for sharing your art work with all of us.

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