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10 June 2016

Juicy Fruits

The last few weeks have been very colourful
 here at Patchwork House,
as I have worked on another order
 for the popular Circle of Friends blanket.
I have been using the pattern written in US terms by Priscilla Hewitt
which you can find

has the most wonderful colour palette
and it is always such a joy to work with a new recipe.
This one which I have named
 Juicy Fruits
 was put together by my customer
 and I'm sure you will agree it is delicious!

To make this blanket you will need

1 each of Stylecraft Special DK in
 pale rose
fuschia purple
duck egg

to be joined with 
4 denim.

You can but this yarn

Stylecraft Special DK
Working in my production line mode again for speed
 there have been frequent lines and piles on my coffee table

many cups of tea and dishes of sweets

and tons of photo opportunities at every stage.

The most frequent question I am asked
 is how do I plan colours to avoid any repeats

If you missed my popular post a few weeks
 ago written about this very thing you can read it

Planning is key
 but it's not hard
 and becomes second nature.

The colours in this lovely blanket
 have given me many exciting photo opportunities to
satisfy my love of crochet mug matches!

Another question I am often asked is about my hooks.
I use Clover Amour hooks
 which have a coated, shaped handle. 
These have stopped the hand pain that I used to get 
and enable me to be very productive, despite health issues.

Storage and organisation of projects in baskets
 helps me to keep my work area (living room) tidy
and makes the squares easily portable
 to another room (bed) or going out (car).

This is a big blanket which is a special commission.
Laying out the squares in Sudoku fashion
 helps me ensure an even distribution of colours.

To join I have used denim
 which has nicely balanced out the hot shades
 of orange and pink.

Once again I have used the flat braid join
 and adapted it to do in the continuous join as you go method.
You can read a tutorial in US terms by Baby Love Brand

I've been tempted by the vibrant colours
 to eat sweets at every stage!
Now the blanket is in 1 piece and ready for its border.
Come back next week or watch out on
for the final tadaa!

I wish you all a happy hooky weekend
and as always thank you for your support and encouragement.
This year has been difficult learning to cope with a chronic illness
 and making the decision to leave my job as a teacher.
You can look forward to more regular blog posts
 and many improvements here,
 as I seek to work out my role as a full time crochet artist.




Lucia Dunn said...

Great news! I think you will be a fabulous full time crochet artist! And I wish you all the best.
I love reading your posts and your tutorials. I found them really clear n very helpful even if I have been crocheting for a long time.
Looking forward reading more on how you tackle the dreadful ends !
Have a lovely weekend.
Lucia 🙂

Trish Stevens said...

Absolutely stunning, Heather!

Tinaspice said...

Hi Heather
Another lovely blanket - well done! I really like this pattern and as soon as I find the time - haha - I will make my own. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to future tutorials - they're really clear and well written with so many fabulous photos.
Best wishes
Tina ☺

janice15 said...

Heather it is just beautiful. I'm going try to follow the pattern you provided and make one. I made and finished a large granny sqaure blanket full of color and i just love it. And i truly love yours. Thank you so much for sharing it all. Happy weekend with love Janice

Krista said...

I think this is my favorite blog post yet!! You are so kind to share and encourage us with your gifts! Your work is beautiful! Thank you so much!

Granny Meme said...

You rock my socks of Sweet Lady! Hope this finds you feel as awesome as your craft photographs! Yep it is my craft too! Smooches!

Monica said...

What a happy project. If only I could crochet...someday!

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous, bright blanket!
And having just discovered your blog I've got all your past posts to look forward to reading too. Happy happy happy ��

Jandyersn said...

Fantastic job you done

Unknown said...

Dear Heather,

A quick question reg juicy fruit colours. How many skeins did you use for each colour? and how many skeins for the joining colour. The blanket is gorgeous and I will order the yarn and do one myself. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

Anna Lawson-Dick

Tyson Harold said...


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