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9 September 2016

The Batik Rainbow Blanket

A few months ago you will remember,
I had the privilege of visiting Stylecraft Mill along with the other blogstars.
 We were treated like royalty
 and showered with gifts to share with you all!

One of these gifts was a pack of the new
This is a 20% wool 80% acrylic mix with a speckled appearance.
 It comes in cute 50g balls and is available in 16 beautiful shades.

So what a pleasure it has been
 to design a blanket
 that would showcase this new yarn.

I began by trying out a new block to me, from an old favourite book, 
you can buy this from Amazon.
(Note the UK version has a pink cover
 and the US version has a blue cover!)

I wanted to use a small square
 so chose the Wisteria block and just made rounds 1 to 4.

Playing with the colours is my favourite part!
I soon realised that the 16 shades have been created to work well
together, which is a joy for us crochet artists.

I have used 1 50g ball of the shades
old gold
10 balls of
biscuit for the joining and border.
I worked with a 3.5mm hook

You can buy the yarn 

So I set about making squares
 using 4 rounds of colour
 and the 5th round of each square I made in biscuit.

Some balls made 7 squares and others made 8!
This will be due to varying yarn thickness
 and differences in my tension.

So I had 99 squares when complete
 which I arranged in a rectangle 9 x 11.
I'm frequently asked how do I plan the layout of my blankets
 to make them look random. Well my trick is to play crochet Sudoku!
Just using my eye I try to place only 1 of any colour
 in each row or column and it works well!

My first layout was a random mix of the squares as seen above,
 but this just didn't sing to me! I knew that the Batik yarn
 was more special than this so I had a second play!

This time I was happy, very happy indeed!
I chose the layout above blending the colours
 from 1 corner of the rectangle to the opposite one.

Joining is my favourite part of blanket making
 as you see it come together so fast.

I have crocheted the squares together from the back,
 using UK dc through both loops.
 This gives a really strong join with a nice simple look.
 You will find a tutorial for this method

The first view of the blanket is always so exciting
 and here above you can see it with the first direction of joining done.

The second direction of joining
 completes the blanket into one piece
 and look what a wonderful surprise I found!
 As 4 squares meet and are joined
 a flower is formed from their 4 corners!
 This is made from the pattern of the squares
 and nothing to do with the joining method.
What a delight!

When you stand back and view the blanket from a distance
there is another surprise to behold . . .
can you see the diagonal pattern made by the holes?
Oh what a joy, this rainbow blanket of plain squares
 has so much to delight in it!

Here's a close up of the join and the formation of the flower.
This joining method creates a ridge on the back of the blanket
 and smooth flat finish on the front.

With the blanket complete it was time to choose the border.
I can highly recommend this border book
It is written in US terms and has written instructions and charts.

I have used border number 27
 after beginning with a foundation round of trebles first.

So here it is
my Rainbow Batik Blanket

If you would like to try this yarn for yourself
 (or treat yourself to any other Stylecraft yarns or patterns)
I am hosting a little
for my UK followers.

You can win yourself a Stylecraft bag of goodies,
filled with some Patchwork Heart treats
and £25 of vouchers!
(The vouchers can be redeemed in UK, at any bricks and mortar yarn shop.)

To enter
simply leave me a comment on this blog post,
 telling me what you enjoy about my blog.
You must make sure that I can find your email
 to contact you in case you are the winner!
A winner will be drawn at random on
 Sunday 25th September
 so you have 2 weeks to enter!

The fun of this rainbow blanket is that it looks so different
 from every direction!

This blanket is a winner and it is a keeper!
 A new blanket for Patchwork House!

If you are not a fan of wool, do not despair!
I have had some comments from followers on Facebook and Instagram
who either cannot wear wool or who would prefer a more affordable option.
As you know I listen to all your comments and aim to please! 
I have plans to make the same blanket again
 in Stylecraft Special DK using the flecked yarns,
 so watch this space!

I wish you all a happy hooky weekend
and look forward to reading your comments.
Don't forget to comment here now
 to be in with a chance of winning!


This post was sponsored by Stylecraft Yarns


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Woolyknots said...

I really enjoy your blog, I find your colour combinations and pattern choices inspirational. Sharing your ideas is certainly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I just love the work you create it inspires me so much as an amateur crocheter!! I make blankets for my 9 grandchildren and generally do a mix of knitting and basic crochet. My next challenge...and oh is it a big one...is a blanket for the bed they sleep in when they come to stay...its a king size bed!!!! I love your blog and appreciate the time you take to share you skills with us.

Angela Cookson said...

As a newby to crochet (learnt last summer) I happened upon your Facebook page and am totally inspired by your beautiful, contemporary designs. My daughter is heading off to uni next week with a blanket I crocheted for her earlier this year, thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous ideas x

Christine Brooks (chrisadgo@hotmail.com) said...

A few weeks ago I came away from my local yarn store with a one ball of pale green Batik, keen to see how it crocheted. A few hours later, the stitches were flying off my hook, so soft and lovely is this yarn to work with and now I have an addition to my hat collection - a simple beret waiting for the cooler weather to arrive.

I can’t recall how I discovered your blog but I am so glad I did because there is the inspiration for what to do with Batik next. Along with thousands of others, I have signed up to do the Stylecraft Carousel CAL starting in few days but now I am wavering wondering if Batik is better seen in solid blocks of colour rather than the frequent colour changes of multicolour motifs. I guess both work but I would love to win some more Batik see for myself.

Heather, your quotation from 1 Peter 4:10 is so apt. Each of you should use what gift you have received to serve others. I am so glad you have chosen to share your gift with the internet crochet community. Thank you.

H said...

Thanks for another lovely post. I love your colour recipes you have a great eye for colour. Also you have great explanations. I finally understood join as you go thanks to your blog.

My name is Wynneth said...

Hi Heather, I love your blog it's so friendly and holds a treasure trove of help and inspiration. It was through you that I found the fabulous Stylecraft Special DK yarn and I just adore using it. Your blog is my first go to when I need help with planning a project and/or want to learn new stitches, blocks and edges. I just love it when I see youve posted on FB and are giving me fresh inspiration. Thanks to your tutorials I've changed the way I hook granny squares, they are so much neater now. Thank you, thank you.

Wynneth X


Unknown said...

I love the way that you put colours together. I also love seeing your projects grow and the pictures that you take at each stage as you make them.

Nuvofelt said...

Your blanket is beautiful, Heather, no wonder you have had so many lovely comments. Your posts are always inspiring.

Pam said...

Heather, your blogs are an inspiration. You put so much time and effort into producing beautiful items for us to try and recreate. I have a permanent woolly wish list which just gets bigger every time you make something new. This new yarn would be a fab addition to my meagre stash πŸ˜€πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™.

Unknown said...

Have made a couple of your blankets. Love the step by step tutorials and the colour recipes.

Unknown said...

Lovely Heather. I love following your blog. Your knowledge of crochet and willingness to share it with us is inspiring and has definitely made me a more confident crochter. I truly thank you for that!

Janet said...

The more I see you do the more I am inspired to experiment. Keep leading the way with all your fantastic ideas. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I love seeing what you make and find it so inspiring
Please keep up your amazing work :-) xxx


Linda said...

Love all your work!�� Your colour choices are awe inspiring. I love using stylecraft too but my local store has a limited choice, so it's nice to see new shades & yarns showcased so well. I love the fact that your blogs combine your enthusiasm & upbeat approach as well as that relaxing with a cuppa feeling doing something you love. Keep inspiring & surprising us with your work, Heather.x
Linda (rennixon65@gmail.com)

Elfrizz said...

Hi I think your blanket is simply gorgeous. And I love the delicate border. I like the way you explain how you made your pattern choices and the reasoning behind them because it helps me with my own very new design ideas. I'm very new to crochet so still learning stitches and use tutorials and rely on step by step help, and the glorious photos show me what my work ought to look like. I'd love to win as I only have very basic equipment and no stash (horror) so am limited in my creativity at the minute. Whereas I would love to emulate your work if I had the wherewithal to do so. Thank you for your wonderful blog, sharing your amazing skills so freely :-D

Holly Merry


let's talk said...

What I really love about your blog is that you make things that seem achievable so I always feel that I can do it too. I love your sense of colour Heather and I bet your house looks super-cozy! I'd make great use of the vouchers, if I'm lucky enough to win and I have a brilliant yarn-shop not far from where I live so it'd be the perfect excuse for me to drop by and have a guilt-free yarn-shopping-spree :D x

Claire@homesweethome2015 said...

I love your blog because you have made so many gorgeous blankets, and very kindly give us detailed instructions on how to make them. I love Stylecrafts new sock yarn, so if I win your giveaway I think I would get some of that. X

Crimson Kettle said...

Your blanket is absolutely beautiful! I'd really like to have a go at making one.

Unknown said...

Hi im completely new to crochet, i started at the beginning of the summer holidays. So I am just discovering all the lovely pages, groups and blogs.

I have just come across yours with thanks to sue pinner.

I love all your photos (especially the one with a cup of tea and your squares stacked, my idea of heaven). I struggle with reading lots of writing and see things so much clearer in pictures. Im looking forward to seeing more of your blog and im going to look for your fb page too.


Unknown said...

Your work is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Jan said...

I love love love your blog and your crocheting Heather. You are amazing, always willing to help. I've just started this blanket it is lovely. Thank you for all the inspiration you give.

Mokki said...

I just clicked over from annaboos house. Your blanket is beautiful. I love it. The flowers in the corners are such a nice touch, a happy surprise. I'd love to give a blanket like that a go, i like the way you have placed the colours.

Adele S said...

I love your colour combinations and super photographs. Makes me want to start another project, even though I have at least 5 things started already😳
Adele xxxx. Sewingsweetpea@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing you on Facebook each morning which is part of my daily routine now! Your work is beautifully presented both with your colour choices & perfect stitches with fabulous joins & edgings/borders. There's never been an item I haven't liked yet & because you share the patterns & knowledge I have made a lot of blankets with ease understanding the tutorials you patiently share. Even though you suffer with health problems like I do too you always are inspirational & brighten up my day with new & exciting projects. Crochet is very therapeutic & has helped me through hard times as I think it must have you too! Thanks for all you do & share & please please carry on writing sharing & creating the wonderful works you do xxxx

Unknown said...

I love your blog because your creations are so inspiring!!

Unknown said...

Aside from enjoying all your finished makes (which I very much do), I really like your no nonsense approach. It helps makes your blog posts clear and straight to the point. It's so much better for understanding tutorials and such! Thank you for sharing your work.

PixieMum said...

First time I have found your blog, am so full of admiration at the way you have arranged your colours. Earlier today I was in our local garden centre where a limited range of Stylecraft is sold so need to find a bricks and mortar real LYS.

Unknown said...

I love how you put the colours together and how detailed your posts are, so easy to follow.

Unknown said...

This is really beautiful! I have both of these books so will definitely be trying one! Thank you. Ffion (ffionhicks1@gmail.com)

Melissa said...

I love all your colors and your choice for their placement! Just stunning!

felinewyvern said...

I know I can come to your bog any time I need any colourful inspiration. You always have something to inspire me :D.
felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

Unknown said...

I love how upbeat you sound and can really feel your joy and passion for crochet. Really made me want to give batik a try even though I'm a bit worried about wool (hit and miss roughness sensitivity issue)
Plus i find it funny i turn 25 this month and your fabulous little competition ends on the 25th πŸ˜„

Kathryn said...

I've only just discovered this blog and I'm loving your creations & use of colour.
My email is Kathryn.1@me.com

Hannonle said...

I'm new here but I love seeing the photos of the finished items. I'm not great with choosing and arranging colours, so seeing your work gives me inspiration for colours and how I can use them myself.
Keep up the good work and enjoy your beautiful blanket :)

Anonymous said...

Your projects are always very pleasing to the eye, great colour selections and simple yet elegant stitches. I enjoy visiting your FB page because I always find something that makes me smile.

Cathy R @ Rasque@live.com

Sarah. T said...

I have just discovered you fabulous blog. Your blankets and the photographs are totally gorgeous and really inspiring. Especially for someone like me who's been crocheting for less than a year. Thank you for sharing
Sarah. tyree4@sky.com

mrs_sock said...

I love how clearly you write and explain, the colours that you use and how quickly you get done! And your honesty aboutv the yarn. (Mrs.sock7@gmail.com)

Val D said...

Your new blanket makes my soul sing - what a beautiful beautiful soft and gorgeous blanket - enough to make anyone smile. I love the post and the pictures and the joining methos is the best I have seen. Thank you for sharing :)

Toasty Face said...

In a world full of gray it's so inspiring to see such amazing colour. I love rainbow blankets and I have done one where the colour pack suggested random rows but I just had to put them into spectrum colours.
I'm so glad to see how the batic works up. It looks really cosy yet with a light texture.
I'm going to have a go at your joining method for my next blanket too. Thanks for sharing ☺ kdnj@live.co.uk

Unknown said...

What a great write up. Thank you so much for sharing this.
I'm new to all of this but am loving learning everything and can't wait to start on something like this x

Unknown said...

I love your blog! I love experimenting with different colours and stitches.

Your blog shows me that I am not the only one and fills me with so much confidence. Thank you. I can't wait to see more

susiebaby said...

I'm a keen crafter but am rubbish at putting colours together. Your blog gives me some fantastic guidelines on colour co-ordinating - this gorgeous blanket being a prime example.

Ann said...

I love to visit your blog just to see what you are making and to look at your pictures. The colour combinations are great and I use them for inspiration. anna.schauperl@gmail.com

Kirju kui Liblikas said...

I do not wish to enter the giveaway, but what a beautiful blanket. 🌸

80th birthday treat said...

I love your blog and find myself coming back time and time again to find snippets of helpful information and to spend time browsing through your lovely work and ideas. I love your work and your eye for colour. Your explanation of techniques are easy to follow too. I have just completed the "All that Jazz cowl" by wwww.thetwistedyarn.com which uses all the colours in the beautiful Stylecraft Batik and just needed a lovely new WIP to use up the rest !

Diary of wishful thinker said...

I love seeing what youve made, how youve made it and your colour choices. Its encouraged me to try and learn to crochet (again) as I so want to make a patchwork blanket. If im lucky enough to win please can you email heather_loves_lilac@hotmail.co.uk thank you

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful blanket a must to try once I finish the two on the go at moment ... what fantastic pack for one lucky winner .... Sue.fellows67@hotmail.co.uk

London Fibrofog said...

I love your blog because it's clear and gives me the confidence to try more complicated patterns. Having been unable to learn crochet from my grandma, I think I consider myself a complete crochet no-hoper much of the time. And you help me get beyond that and see that I can actually also do it and create something beautiful.

Thank you x


Jacqui F said...

I love the diagonal pattern in this, it looks like flower petals. So pretty! I also like the tutorials as you go, such as the joining method.

Really pleased to be brought here by the Stylecraft facebook link, to the competition.
Thank you!
Would love to try to make this blanket with Stylecraft Special dk.

Mumofnhc said...

Stunning blanket, the colours just flow into each other.

Erin said...

I love your beautiful creations and your colour combinations are gorgeous!

Hendre Wen said...

Hello Heather
I love the way you put colours together. I'm not very good at this, so I really appreciate that you list the colours that you use.
Best wishes,

Heather U said...

Absolutely beautiful blanket, I love your blog I found you through the stylecraft fb page and have been addicted since lots of tips and great colour combinations email address sprinklednightmares1989@gmail.com

Iqra Tanveer said...

Hi.. ❤ i am just amazed how creative you are, your every crochet make leaves a person surprised.Your work is so inspiring. Specially your color recipes and the little details you mention about everything. Visiting your blogs gives one such a pleasure that cant be described

Iqra Tanveer said...

Forgot to put email in my previous coment so herr you go

Kathy said...

I'm enjoying your blog because I just purchased the batik yarn and I'm going to follow your pattern! katevh0618@yahoo.com

judith@poppy cottage said...

Stunning blanket. I love the bursts of colour in your projects, so uplifting, and your willingness to share how to create your projects, making them so achievable for us too xx

Anonymous said...

I love your colour combos and the really helpful guidance on things like joining squares. I also love how you have used the same patterns in many different ways to create different effects.

Anonymous said...

This blanket is amazing. I love the way you bring maths into lots of your work. My husband is a mathematician and I always get him to help with colour planning and layout. It really makes a difference to the overall look. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing of patterns. Louise Adams @crochet_charlatan(louisemorris999@hotmail.com)

Unknown said...

I found your blog for this blanket a dream to read and got quite giddy sensing your excitement of the colours as you played about with them to get the right look for you. Blogs are also a fab way to inspire others to just have a go and be inpressed with their own finished project. (deborah.kenyon4@gmail.com)

Ann Marie said...

I love your blog. Your work is so beautiful and your colour choices are brilliant. Your tutorials are so clear - even I as a ham fisted beginner can follow them. Thank you xx

Unknown said...

Your use of colour, very accessible patterns and readily-available yarn is really inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to share!

Tracianna said...

I love your blog as I find your colour cobinations inspiring this blanket is particularly beautiful. I love the rainbow colours!

Unknown said...

Absolutely love your blog, you are such an amazing inspiration to us all. Thanks

Claire H said...

Hello Heather. I love your blog because I am a self-taught and not very proficient crocheter but when I read your blog I think "Yes, I could do that." Your designs are beautiful and your instructions clear and easy to follow. I find myself inspired and encouraged to try new projects and techniques so thank you for sharing your skills with us all - and please don't stop! x (claire.holmes4@gmail.com)

Unknown said...

Just found your page and just retired so absolutely delighted to see such clear instructions and wonderful advise on how to create and make inspirational items that are a joy to behold. I would love to win this prize to start me on my journey and who knows maybe one day I'll get to blog like you. (692gillian@gmail.com) thanks for the inspiration....Jill

Lavender Lane said...

Hi Heather, I always wait with eager anticipation for your next blog post, but the reason I love it so much is that you are so inspirational in every way! Not only in terms of your crochet abilities which are wonderful but also as a person. Crochet and all things yarny have been my mainstay through the last 18 months as I also struggle with new health issues It has been such a help to me that you are so open and generous about yours. You inspire me to get on and finish that blanket and jolly well keep going with life no matter how testing it might be!!!!!

GrumpyOldTrout said...

I've only just discovered your blog, Heather, and am very glad that I have! I like your writing style and love your colourful photographs. On this particular post, I loved the serendipity of finding the crochet flowers and the additional diamonds - very, very appealing!

Clare Kirkpatrick said...

I love the colours on your blog! :) claremkirkpatrick@gmail.com

karen said...

Hi. Just found your blog and it's very inspirational and colourful. Will go find you on Facebook now. This has inspired me to updaye my blog as I haven't for a long time. Xx keep up the good work . Hudsonkaka@aol.com

Georgia P Designs said...

This is such a lovely blog, so colourful and welcoming and I love your colour combinations, very inspiring. I'm still quite new to crocheting so it's lovely having someone like you to follow. Thank you. Linda x

Kerrie Thacker said...

Hours of inspiration with such useful advice. The way you put colours together is magical. Thank you. Kerrie
( kat_lewis@fsmail.net )

Lorna said...

you clearly have colour in your heart and soul! So inspiring :)

Ashley Whitbread said...

I love all your colour recipes they are so beautiful and yummy!! hehe also your squishy blankets always are an inspiration to me! xx

Ashley Whitbread

Unknown said...

I have to admit that I have only just found your blog site, but I will definitely be coming back again!! I am really loving the way you make your instructions easy to follow, and the colours and patterns I've looked at so far have been beautiful!I don't know which one to start first.....

Thank you so much for all your hard work,

Julie Bayford said...

You are an absolute inspiration, my Nanna taught me to do granny squares when I was 7, (I'm now 63 :) ) and I'd never tried anything else, this has given me a whole new outlook!!! I love your blog and the photos are so homey :) Just love all the colours you use, wonderful. Namaste xx

Unknown said...

I'm pretty new to your blog but I'm enjoying how colourful your makes are - so far the Crofter Blanket and Batik Rainbow are my favourites :) Thank you for hosting this giveaway
Looking forward to reading through the archives now!
Kind regards,

Velcro76 said...

I love the way your blog is so imformative and straight forward to follow. You always show how you did something and where you got your ideas from so people can attempt to recreate your master pieces. I love that you are so sharing with your great love of crochet.

Alexandra said...

WOW what a gorgeous blanket! I love it...you are very talented. I always enjoy your blogs and I have learnt about arranging different colours. Thank you husky78@live.co.uk

Claire said...

That is such a lovely blanket and I very much appreciated the description of how you put it together as I always struggle on that front.

Unknown said...

Hi Heather. I love your blog. I've only being crocheting a few months and took it up after talking to my pallative care, it distracts from the pain, i taught myself. I love the colours you use, I love all the colours, some remind me of jewels, some ice cream, rainbows, allsorts. Love the way you put your blankets etc together and the way you show the steps from beginning to end. I look forward to seeing your new blog posts. I also kind of had your dream, I lived in a vicarage in a beautiful village and had a kitchen garden but here's the difference I didn't crochet then and my dad was the vicar �� , i wish i could get well and live back in countryside. Thank you for giving me enjoyment every day. Moira. Email is moigray@sky.com

Ali The Patchwork Fairy said...

I love seeing your work. My Stylecraft special dk journey started after reading your posts!

Sara said...

The thing I really appreciate about your blog and your work is that you can work with many different colours, not a set few and so you work is varied and your ideas refreshing. I also appreciate the fact that you manage this despite not always having the best of times but that you have made a successful go of your change in direction. Good luck with the house move. sarag0267@gmail.com

Kathie Griffiths said...

I love love the way you share your thought processes and working ideas. The new yarn looks very interesting; I love Stylecraft's amazing shades. I really like the pretty flower that is created when you join the squares. Thank you for showing us that and the books you've used. I've not come across the Border book before. kathieegriffiths@googlemail.comcomcom

Unknown said...

Wow! what a lovely blanket, i would love to win this yarn, my daughter-in-law needs a cosy blanket to cheer her up (her husband having left her and 2 gorgeous daughters...out of the blue) :( I will make her one anyway but any little bit helps. Love you blog too....will follow definitely xx sue callaghan...please use this email address: zoocrow@yahoo.co.uk

PF cochetholic said...

I love your colour recipes and have just received my order of the autumn colours for my next project. I joined my willow squares on my last blanket using your flat braid join tutorial. I had a couple of tries myself but started again when I saw the tutorial on your blog. The blanket is a big success!

Samjane said...

Wonderful, colourful site with very clear instructions and lots of photos. Really helpful to me and I'm sure lots of others. Would love to win

Unknown said...

I love this blanket... I love that you do blanket sudoku (me too) and that we use the same fab borders book. And I really love the extra surprise effects you achieved with these squares.

Anonymous said...

I love this. I would never have thought to lay the colours out in this way. Mine always end up too miss matched. I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on some batik and give it a go. Thank you very much for sharing.
(Jenbop3@hotmail.com )

Unknown said...

I stumbled across your blog about two years ago when I was first learning to crochet. It is a source of constant inspiration and joy and has been kept me motivated to keep learning! Thank you so muchx

Wendy said...

I love your eye for colour, pattern and texture but what I love most is the fact that you are willing to share and use your talents to inspire others.

Bettie02 said...

I love reading your blog! The colours you pick and the things you make are so inspiring that I want to get started with everything straight away! Keep blogging! Joanna x (joanna.parkin@hotmail.co.uk)

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is like having a warm hug from one of your flowerful mugs, and your use of colour in your blankets is both scrumptious and soothing.

iggyknit said...

Great blog. Love your colour choices.

Essie3 said...

I love your patterns and everything, but - and I may be weird! - what I really love is seeing your squares stacked up ready to be blanketed. Fantastic!! Somehow, it's so inspiring.
Obviously I love the blankets you make and your use of colour too.

Unknown said...

Fabulous colours to make a wonderful blanket, love everything about it.

Really enjoy looking at your blog, always something interesting and informative to see.

Thanks for the lovely read!

in Sheffield

Heather said...

I enjoy your colour combinations and the way you take simple shapes and make amazing creations from them. And also the detail you include in showing how your work comes together, which is very helpful.

Unknown said...

Well, what can i say. Not only do you inspire us all with your beautiful colours and creations. It feels like ive known you for years, like a family member or a friend. I look forward to seeing what your up to each day, and even on my flare up days i can lose myself for hours looking at your blog and Facebook page, im like a child in a sweet shop. Your energy and passion jumps of the page, i feel like I'm there with you. Your my ray of sunshine on my rainy days, when i plan which one of your lovely creations I'm going to try when i feel better. Your passion is a wonderful thing as is how your so happy to share your knowledge. I thank you Heather for coming on my crochet journey with me.
Love and light. Sam

Unknown said...

P.s I need a few fancy teacups to become a bona-fide patchwork heart member xx
Love and light Sam xx


Sherilyn said...

I have followed your work for years now and you never fail to amaze me with the patterns and colour ways. I love to see you in my news feed each day and you inspire me to try different things. Here's to more beautiful makes from the patchwork heart :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the diversity of your blog .... My fave is your colour schemes that is a beautiful talent they just flow and come together as one. You are amazing and so is your blog I love reading it and your Facebook page ❤️😊 My addy is ladcock@btinternet.com wonderful wonderful .... Very talented inspirational woman πŸ‘

Anonymous said...

Your blog is an inspiration Heather. I love your colours, and have tried a few of your colour recipes. I'd love to win!


Trish Stevens said...

Yet another fabulous blanket Heather! I think this might be my favourite!

patchworkandlace said...

Helen you make such beautiful things I really admire your work and you were the first person to get me started on Facebook , I have been away from blocks X too much so it's good to be back and see your lovely creations xx

kjsutcliffe said...

I could not stop looking at your beautiful blanket, the colour arrangement is just perfect! I was a crochet-er until knitting took over, but recently I have felt a pull back to crochet and your post has really spurred me on!

helenpollard said...

Loving all these gorgeous colours. Great pictures too!

Pauline said...

Beautiful blanket! I'm a first time visitor here but will return - i love your colour choices, and think this may be my next blanket make
Kindest regards, Pauline :-)

Emma F said...

I love looking at how you put colours together as, unfortunately, I do not have any talent at this myself! Whenever I try the results are hilariously bad, so your colour recipes are fantastic for inspiration.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness- I have just discovered your blog and it is such a delight. Just the tonic I need to help me recover from my back op last week! I love your colours and you are inspiring me as a new but enthusiastic crocheter that I can make lovely things. Thank you

Alison said...

Hi Heather! I really love the quality if the images you use! It makes for an absolutely beautiful read�� It's a gorgeous prize, so here's hoping!�� Thanks, Alison.
( a.geraghtygm@gmail.com)

LullabyMelodia said...

This new Stylecraft yarn looks sooooo nice. You have inspired me to try it out. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

MsCarlyon said...

So happy to see your giveaway and your blanket. I recently ordered 2 skeins of each of the batik but wasn't sure what to make with it. Now I know and am excited to start :) Love your blog and your generosity with patterns. Thank you for sharing all that you do.

Teresa Halminton said...

That's so amazing!! Wow!

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