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24 January 2017

Stylecraft Extra Special

If you are thinking that this delicious bright blanket
 looks familiar, well you are quite right!

Last summer, myself and the other Stylecraft Blogstars,
 were all working with the new Batik yarn.
I made a blanket using the wisteria block by Jan Eaton,
 in all the rainbow shades and it was very popular.
If you missed the original post you can read it

Stylecraft Batik

In fact it was so popular,
 I received many requests from crocheters,
 asking for an alternative in a non wool yarn
 and a more affordable option.
So here is my response for you!

I have chosen to work with
This is our much loved Stylecraft Special DK
 which comes in 8 shades with a fleck in it.
Of course it has the softness and washability we all love
 and comes in 100g balls at the normal affordable price.

For my squares I have used

the pattern I am again using is the
 wisteria block
 from the book
 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton

These shades are absolutely delightful,
 so bright and remind me of jewels!
I made as many squares as I could from the 6 balls
 and then made the largest blanket possible.

For joining I chose parchment
 from the regular Special DK range

The pattern in the book has 7 rounds,
I stopped after round 5
and used my joining colour for round 6.
(I did not make round 7 at all.)

The squares were then arranged in a random manner.
I like to play crochet sudoku
and try to arrange them so that there is only 1
 of any colour in each row or column!

For joining my squares, I have again used the method of crocheting together
 from the back, using UK dc through both loops.
 This makes a strong join with a ridge on the back.
 You can follow my tutorial for this joining method

When joining begins something magic happens
 and flowers appear where the 4 corners meet!
 This was a happy accident that I discovered,
 but please note it only works if you omit round 7 of the pattern!

As you will see the blanket is full of pattern
as the holes in the squares form diagonal lines across the blanket.

Every blanket deserves a border to frame it.
First I made 1 round of trebles around the whole blanket,
then I chose border 27 from the book
Around the Corner by Edie Eckman.
You can buy these books from Amazon,
follow the link on my sidebar to have a look.

I am frequently asked if I block my squares.
My answer is no, I am lucky enough to have flat squares straight off my hook.
 However I always wash my blankets to help settle the joins.
 This has the effect of blocking
 and a certain magic happens when you wash the blankets too!
 I just use my regular soap powder and fabric softener
 and wash at 30 degrees, following the instructions on the ball band, 
then I tumble dry on LOW. 
The result is a beautifully soft flat blanket!

I hope this leaves your fingers twitching and wanting to create!
If you do have a go, dont forget to share photos of your makes,
 either in my Facebook group called Crochet Inspired by The Patchwork Heart
 or on Instagram use the #inspiredbythepatchworkheart
 for a chance to be featured on my Sunday Spot!

wishing you a relaxing hooky time

This post was sponsored by Stylecraft Yarns


Amy at love made my home said...

Really pretty! I like the way the little corner flowers worked out, isn't it lovely when you get a happy accident like that!

Mama Bear said...

Ooooh! I have just taken my afternoon meds and sat down with a cup of frothy coffee to enjoy my newly favouritest blog (yours!) only to discover you have posted even more gorgeous woolly eye-candy for us to feast over! Your original Rainbow Batik blanket was in fact what drew me to your blog in the first place and I am SO glad that it did! I must say again how much I adore your crochet work and especially your colour palettes - each and every one is just so delicious and beautiful, and so soothing to the eye, and your newest blanket is no exception! I think an original Rainbow Batik must be in my future somewhere, if I can persuade a certain someone to let me get the yarn! I love the way it melds gently from one shade to the next, like a sunset. But your new alternative is gorgeous in its own right, reminiscent of cosy winter afternoons - like today! Your colour choices really sing to me - they are what I am naturally drawn to, but I could never come up with such beautiful combinations myself. You are incredibly clever to create all these lovely designs - I think you have a unique talent - and I am so glad you are sharing them with us. As I write, I have just sorted out my colour plan for a granny cushion cover, as you showcased in your previous post, and am about to tackle the magic circle so I can get started on it today! I will be sure to share when my cushion cover is finished! Thank you SO MUCH Heather for sharing your lovely work with us, and also for sharing your journey as you live with your chronic illness - I am so grateful to you for that too ... in fact I truly believe God led me to your blog! It really helps me to feel less alone when I read about your experiences living with chronic pain and fatigue and I know there are other readers here too who are sharing a similar journey as well. I think you have drawn us all together, through your beautiful work! I am housebound at the moment because of my illness, so it really lifts my heart to visit here, and on your instagram, where there is so much to inspire and make me feel good about life. With love, Rubekah xxx

Pam Brooker said...

It looks lovely. Another one to add to me list!

Unknown said...

I love it to and i couldnt have put it more better than Mama Bear 😍

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Another beautiful project bringing crocheting to a new level.

selina said...

you make it look so easy

thanx for sharing

ceita said...


Janice said...

Hi, such a beautiful blanket, I love everything....the colours....the pattern. stunning. Janice http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

Sangeetha said...

Beautiful blanket. Your placement of the jewel colours is super. Yes, my fingers are definitely twitching :)
Have a great week.

Gez Butterworth said...

WOW! I am in LOVE! My first time visit to your blog.. I've just had to put Jan's book in an Amazon basket. I adore you blanket and colour schemes.

Marianne said...

pretty blanket, i hope everything is well with you.

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