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12 May 2017

Flower Garden CAL Part 1

Welcome to The Knitting Network CAL
 to make this stunning flower garden blanket.
The pattern, written by Lynne Rowe,
 is being released in 4 weekly installments on
You will find part 1

It contains the first installment of the pattern and a helpful how to video.
 The remainder of the pattern will be released weekly on the next 3 Fridays.

I'm so thrilled to have you join me
 along with hundreds of others all around the world!
Make sure you join the Facebook group
 and share pictures of your makes as you go!
 If you have any questions
 please ask them in the Facebook group
 where there will be lots of help available!

You will need

in spice lipstick magenta plum lemon meadow fondant and pomegranate
and 4 balls of cream and a 5mm hook.
(This is the recommended size on the ball band.
 However this can be adjusted to suit your tension.
 If you have tight stitches you may wish to try 5.5mm or 6mm
 or of you have loose stitches you can try 4.5 or 4mm)

The yarn pack can be purchased
here for UK residents
here for overseas residents

or if you are making this from your stash
 and just need a few colours to top up you can buy the Stylecraft Aran

Don't worry if you haven't got your yarn yet, you will soon catch up.
 The first week has only a small amount of crochet to do!
So go ahead and order now!

These gorgeous colours were inspired by
 a hot summers day, in a beautiful garden.

The first week of the CAL is making the 4 Daisy Squares.

I like to work in a production line system.
 This makes it quicker as your brain and fingers remember the pattern.
 So I began by making the 4 flowers,
 using lemon fondant spice and magenta
 for the first round of the pattern.

When each flower is completed
 sew in the ends on the back of your work
 using  a darning needle.

The 4 flowers are then going to be
 surrounded by the next colour using rounds 2 & 3 as follows

spice - lipstick
lemon - meadow
magenta - plum
fondant - pomegranate 

These daisies are really quite easy to make and have a stunning 3D effect.
 The addition of rounds 2 & 3 makes them really stand out.

On completion of each square
sew in the ends on the back of your work using a darning needle.
(Train yourself into good habits! Its always best to do the ends
 as you go, to avoid a marathon task at the end!) 

Then your finished squares are ready for the cream border. 

Follow round 4 using cream on each square

then sew in these ends.

You have now completed week 1 of the CAL
 and have 4 daisy squares edged in cream.
 These will be the centre of the blanket.

Come back next week for part 2 of the pattern
 which will be released on Friday 19th May.

I look forward to seeing you again



1 comment:

Marianne said...

it's a beautiful blanket, first thing that comes to my mind with this color combination are dahlia's in bloom. they come in so many different beautiful colors

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