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10 May 2017

CAL yarn packs

Have you got your yarn ready?

Its getting very exciting as the CAL
 organised by The Knitting Network starts in 2 days!

Have you got your yarn pack?
It would be lovely to know where in the world you are taking part!
I am so excited at the prospect of a crochet community
 all making the same blanket together all round the world!
 Its going to be huge fun and I'm really looking forward
 to chatting with you all in the
 as we make.

Don't worry if you've only just heard about this,
 there is still plenty of time for you to get organised and join in.

Yarn packs are back in stock and are available

The first week is only a small amount of crochet
 so don't worry at all about getting started later as you will soon catch up!

I look forward to working on this with you all over the next 4 weeks



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