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19 May 2017

Flower garden CAL part 2

 Welcome to part 2 of The Knitting Network CAL.
Last week you made the 4 centre squares of flowers.
This week you will make 12 squares with circles
 to surround the 4 flower squares.

If you missed week 1 you can find it
It contains all you need to get started.

The colour pairings I have used are the same as last week
lemon with meadow
magenta with plum
spice with lipstick
and fondant with pomegranate

You will find the 2nd installment of the pattern

You are going to make 3 squares in each colourway.
As always I prefer to work in batches,
 as your fingers and brain remember the pattern
 and this makes it quicker, easier and neater.
So begin with the circle
 and make 3 each of lemon, spice, magenta and fondant.

Sew the ends in when the circles are made.

You are now ready to use the 2nd colour and make them into squares.
lemon with meadow
spice with lipstick
magenta with plum
and fondant with pomegranate.
Sew the ends in to complete the squares.

When all 12 squares are made
 they are ready to be edged in cream.

Sew the ends in and
 there you have 12 circle squares
 ready to surround your 4 flowers.

It is going to look like this in the centre of the blanket.

I love the layout of this blanket.
 It reminds me of a formal garden,
 the type you see in a National Trust House,
 where there are beds of roses and box hedges.

So there you have completed week 2.
You have 4 flower squares
 and 12 circle squares all edged in cream.
Come back next Friday for week 3
 when we will make another batch of squares.

It's been so good to see you all having fun.
 Do keep sharing your photos in the 
 It has really warmed my heart to see you all helping each other
 and the community developing.
keep up the good work ladies
 and have lots of colourful fun!


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