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2 June 2017

Flower Garden CAL Part 4

Welcome to part 4,
 the final part of the flower garden CAL
This week you are going to join your squares
 and then make the border of the blanket.

If you are only just reading this CAL for the first time
you can find the previous posts here

You will find the pattern for part 4

I'm sure you have all been admiring your squares
 and trying them in lots of patterns, I know I did!
The layout is described in the pattern but it may help some of you to see it.
Its like a flower bed with the 4 flowers in the middle,
 surrounded by the circles and then again by the sunburst grannies.

To join the squares you are going to work in rows,
crocheting together from the front using UK dc through both loops.
This makes a strong join with a ridge on the front of the blanket.
If you are not familiar with this joining method
 I have a step by step tutorial that you may find helpful

Here is a view of the rows joined in the first direction only.
To complete the joining simply work along the rows in the opposite way.

You will notice here that I have numbers pinned on my rows,
 this helps me make sure I add them in the correct order!

Now your blanket is in 1 piece and ready for a border.

This is great fun using several of the colours

and then finished with a cream shell edging.

Now you have your own beautiful flower garden blanket!

Make sure you remember to share photos in the
so we can all enjoy each others creations!
Thank you for making this CAL such a happy experience,
I do hope you have had fun

x x x

1 comment:

Gez Butterworth said...

Beautiful blanket. Fabulous colours. Love the flowers in the centre they remind me of the little iced gem biscuits! Fabulous ✨

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