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28 January 2018

Rainbow baby blankets

 This winter I've been making rainbows!
I love the simplicity of these baby blankets
 that are very quickly finished. I have chosen 7 shades
 to make a rainbow, with a contrasting background colour
 and made 7 different versions so far! They have been
 so popular on
 that I thought I'd make a permanent record
 of the colour recipes here for you!

 Of course in true Patchwork Heart fashion
 there's been a lot of mug matching going on as you can see here! 

I've been playing with colour recipes for girls,
 colour recipes for boys, neutrals that should suit all tastes,
 pastels, brights and more muted tones,
 so I'm hoping there will be something here to please all!

If you are new to crochet 
then a granny square baby blanket is a perfect beginners project.
You can follow my 
and learn how I make my blankets so perfectly square!
When you've completed the square to the size that you want add a 
 and bingo your blanket complete!

All the blankets are made in
 and I have used a 3.5mm hook
 (but you need to use whatever suits your tension.
 The recommended size on the ball band is 4mm).
You need 2 balls of the background colour
 and small amounts of the 7 colours.
 My blankets are approximately 60cm square.

You can now find these rainbow baby blankets for sale in my Etsy shop!

 Here are the colour recipes underneath each photo:

1. Lipstick, spice, saffron, pistachio, aster, plum and magenta
 on a parchment background.

2. Fondant, shrimp, citron, pistachio, aspen, bluebell and wisteria
 on a soft peach background.

3. Candyfloss, apricot, lemon, spring green, sherbet, wisteria and clematis
on a white background.

4. Pomegranate,blush, saffron, pistachio, aspen, wisteria and magenta 
on a cream background.

5. Lipstick, spice, saffron, kelly green, aster, plum and magenta
on a grey background.

6. Claret, tomato, mustard, kelly green, turquoise, plum and magenta
on a petrol (blue) background

Here is a collage
 to help you compare and choose which to make.

I definitely have a passion for crocheting rainbows,
 now my hook has turned to spotty blankets!
 Keep watching this spring for more spotty creations
 and more colour recipes to entice you!

7. Claret. tomato, mustard cypress, storm blue and grape
 on a teal background

 is such a wonderful tool for us crochet addicts
 with a colour palette of over 80 shades to choose from!

I am delighted to announce
 that soon some of these colour recipes will be available in my

Do remember to share your makes in the 
I love to see what my makes have inspired you to do!

I wish you all lots of colourful hours crocheting rainbows
x x x


Sandra said...

These big granny squares are so lovely and I agree, really easy to do. I love your choice of colours, especially the bright one on the petrol blue background. Beautiful work and I like your edging very much too!

Lenore said...

Love the texture of the spotty blanket and your colour choices for the rainbow blankets.

margi said...

Nice colours! Lovely blanket!

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