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11 October 2018

Stylecraft Blog Tour 2018 ~ C2C diamond blanket

Hello and welcome to the 2018 Stylecraft Blog Tour.
This year we are working with the wonderful new yarn called
 and the baby version called
(This is identical).

The team at Stylecraft put together 2 yarn packs
 for this years tour and I chose to work with Autumn Leaves.

It is fabulously squishy yarn
 with a beautiful soft finish and pearl like appearance.
The yarn is 100% premium acrylic, comes in 100g balls
 and is approximately 268 m /293 yards in length.
 It can be washed at 30 degrees and tumble dried on low heat.

Welcome if you are new to my blog, it's great to have you here!

The blog tour runs for about 2 weeks
 and there is a free pattern each day,
 along with chance to win a fabulous pack of yarn to make the project!
Here is a link to all the participating Blogstars.

 You can read yesterdays post here at
and tomorrow will be hosted by

Autumn Leaves
is 5 shades called
Rio Red
Single Cream
Mellow Yellow
Ash Rose
Sugar Snap

I used a 4mm hook as recommended on the ball band.

Yarn Pegs from The Polkadot Giraffe

I have designed a blanket using corner to corner or C2C.
This stitch is a favourite of mine. It works up so quickly
 and is very easy when you have learnt the basics.
 The texture created by this stitch makes a wonderful thick 3D blanket.
I first learnt using the free tutorial by Felted Button.

The blanket is made in 4 squares.
Each square has 24 rows along each side.
 I have made 2 rows in each colour,
 so that is 12 stripes along each side.

Stitch Marker from Chapel View Crafts

When you begin square 1, attach a stitch marker to the first corner.
 You will need to be able to identify this throughout the whole process.
 It doesn't need to be anything fancy,
a safety pin will do just fine or thread a piece of yarn through.

When you begin a new colour leave good length tails,
about 15 cm/6 inches for sewing in later.
 Knot the 2 tails securely using a reef knot.
Keep increasing till you have 12 stripes along the bottom and the right side.
 Then decrease at both ends to complete the square.
 (Note the left and top sides have 11 stripes with a half stripe at each end.)

Once the square is complete,
 use a darning needle and weave in the ends.
Leave your stitch marker attached.

If you have used my
you will find the next part easy.
If not I suggest you have a read of it first,
as much of the joining technique involved is the same.

Begin square 2 as shown below.

The secret here is to make sure you have opposite blocks next to each other.
 Vertical stitches must be next to horizontal stitches.
 Do not worry about right side and wrong side in this pattern.

Work 2 rows of each colour to match with the stripes from square 1.
 Join as you go into the side of square 1.
 Full details of how to do this can be found in my

Complete square 2 and then sew in the ends.
The join is almost invisible and your work looks like 1 piece!
Leave the stitch marker in place.

Square 3 begins where my hook is pointing.

Continue matching the stripes from the adjoining piece.

When the square is complete sew in the ends.

Remember when you begin a new square,
you are starting in the bottom right hand corner of the new square.
Here you will be attaching it to square 3 on the right and to square 1 below.

As you work now your diamond will appear!

The finished blanket looks as though it was made in 1 piece.

Both sides are identical and have a wonderful texture.
This really is the thickest warmest blanket I have ever made
 and that is a lot!

To edge the blanket I used the Geometric Edging which is in the

At this stage I realised there wasn't much yarn left,
 so I made the foundation row in 1 colour and the triangular row in another.
 Scales are a great tool at this point.
 Weigh your yarn scraps to see which you have most of.
 The balls were all 100g, but tension varies when we work
 and so there may be different quantities left.

My finished blanket measures 76cm / 30inches, weighs 384g
 and is suitable for a small lap blanket or a large baby blanket.

When planning your blanket you must use less than a quarter
 of your yarn for square 1. To make a larger blanket
 buy 2 packs or add more colours to make larger squares.

If you would like to win a pack
 of this gorgeous yarn you can enter today's competition
This competition is open to readers of my blog
 for 24 hours, from 10am UK time, on 11th October 2018.

The winner will be notified by Stylecraft Yarns
Good Luck!

Of course you can buy a pack of yarn and begin work immediately!
Here is a link to some participating stockists

Happy hooking!
Heather x


Sandra said...

What a beautiful blanket in lovely soft and muted autumn shades!

tink said...

Oh that is beautiful, thank you very much for sharing

Jane said...

That is fabulous! The colours and the pattern are amazing! My crochet skills are still granny square at the moment as I'm a new crocheter, but I'm hoping to learn more stitches as I get better at it :)

Maryfairy said...

Another beautiful blanket. Thank You Heather for such a detailed post. I love making C2C blankets and am on my second baby blanket using your technique. Fingers crossed I will be lucky in the giveaway:)

J Lucy said...

Your blanket is lovely! The C2C diamond is an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!

J Lucy said...

Your blanket is lovely! I can't wait to try the C2C diamond!

Arja said...

I am hoping so much, this pattern is beautiful, amazing, gorgeous even the yarn.
Lovely greets, Arja

StitchyDragon Creates said...

That is really clever! I thought it was going to involve lots of bobbins & such to create this pretty design but this is so much smarter - definitely going to be trying this - thank you!! 😃

Unknown said...

Wow! So so beautiful 😍😍😍

Patty C. said...

Beautiful - You are so talented - love your blog !!

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