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7 November 2016

Stylecraft Blog Tour Giveaway Winner

Good morning my hooky friends,
 happy Monday to you all!

Today I am delighted to announce
 that the winner of the Stylecraft Blog Tour giveaway is
Anna Phillips

she will be receiving this fabulous pack of Special Chunky
from Stylecraft Yarns

Well done Anna and thank you all for entering

have a happy hooky day

4 November 2016

Stylecraft Blog Tour 2016 ~ The Chunky Cowl

Cold autumn mornings are upon us, as I write.
That nip in the air and frost on the grass, fills me with excitement,
 at the thought of layering up in warm scarves and gloves!

I am delighted once more to be taking part in the 2016 Stylecraft Blog Tour.
The wonderful people at Stylecraft are offering a giveaway,
 to celebrate the release of the new shades in the Special Chunky range!
Today's give away is just for you, yes just for the readers of my blog!
I will tell you later how to take part ... keep reading.

Welcome to my blog if you are a visitor for the first time!
 Please stay a while and have a good look round.
Welcome also to old friends, I have a cosy treat for you here!
If you have missed the previous posts on the blog tour,
 you can read yesterdays post here at
then follow the tour backward using the links provided each day!

To help launch the new shades in the Stylecraft Special Chunky range,
I chose to work with the silver Chunky pack
 and have created for you a simple cowl using

I have used the simple corner to corner stitch
 which always makes a perfect square or rectangle
 with delightful straight edges and perfect 90 degree corners.
It is a wonderful stitch which I love to make blankets with,
 as it creates a really thick fabric
 with the added bonus of a gorgeous 3D texture.
(You can see a blanket HERE)

In this post I will be using UK crochet terms.
You can find a conversion to US terms

If you have used this stitch before
 you will immediately see how quick and easy this project is going to be.
 If you have not used this stitch before, fear not, it is easy,
 being made up of only trebles and chains.
 I first learnt this stitch using an excellent tutorial by
It is a free pattern on Ravelry, you can read how to do it

To make my cowl I used 3 x 100g balls of
the fresh vibrant colours pistachio, aster and empire
 with a 5mm hook.

Work begins at the corner and I make 2 rows in each colour.
I finish my row as shown below,
 then start with the next colour to make the final loop of the last treble.

I leave good length tails of about 4 inches / 10 cm and make a reef knot.
These tails will be used at the end for sewing up the seam in the cowl,
 so do not crochet over them or weave them in now!

At the beginning of my new row I have made a slight alteration to the pattern.
I begin with 5 chain (rather than 6) and make the 3 trebles into the last 3 chain.

This make a closer fabric with less holes.
 I do this as I use 2 chain to replace 1 treble rather than 3.

So now you should be happily striping away
 making 2 rows with each colour and repeating the colour order.

Continue until you have made 10 stripes (20 rows).
This is now deep enough for the cowl so we will begin to decrease at 1 end.
The cowl is made from a rectangle, so we will now keep increasing
 at the other end until the desired width is achieved.

To decrease, flip the work over. 

Now slip stitch along the tops of the trebles till you get to where my needle is pointing.

You will begin work here, so for the last slip stitch use the new colour.

Knot the ends, 

make 2 to replace the first treble and away yo go.
So you can see in the picture below that  corner has been formed.

Keep going making stripes until you have 18 stripes on the long side.
This is now long enough to fold to make the cowl.
Start to decrease at both ends now.

You will end up with a rectangle which has
 10 stripes on the left and 18 stripes at the bottom.

Note that on the right side the pattern makes 9 full stripes
 and a 1/2 stripe at each end.
 This is fine and will complete the pattern perfectly.

The next task is ends.
LEAVE the ends on the SHORT SIDE for sewing up the cowl.
Use a needle and sew in the ends from the long side
 into their own colour stripe.

Fold the rectangle over so that the 2 short edges meet.
You will see that the stripes match up exactly.

Using a needle and small stitches,
sew up the seam to form a tube.
 Use the ends to join up the 2 short edges of the cowl.

I used the pistachio end for the pistachio stripe,
 then the aster end for the aster stripe etc.
Fasten the ends off securely and run ends into their own coloured stripe.

I found I only needed 1 end for each stripe,
 so the final task is to sew in the remaining ends into their own coloured stripe.

Turn it outside in
 and tadaa
 you have your lovely thick warm soft snuggly cowl!

It can be folded in half to wear
 or wrinkled around your neck as suits.

Try some other colour combinations for different outfits!
Here I have combined silver, storm blue and pale rose for a chic look,

and denim, sage and meadow for a subtle casual look.

A perfect project to treat yourself for autumn,

or ideal as a quick make for Christmas gifts!

If you have enjoyed seeing what I made with these colours
 then visit the previous posts in the blog tour for some more inspiration!

This is the final post of the blog tour, but you can follow it backwards by going to
and then follow the next link given there.

you can enter today's giveaway
 to win the silver pack of Stylecraft Special Chunky
only open today, 4th November, do it NOW!

I hope I am leaving you
 inspired, to create and play with these gorgeous new colours
 in the Stylecraft Special Chunky range!
Good luck in the give away competition,
 I will announce the winner on Monday 7th November!
Happy Hookin


25 September 2016

Giveaway Winner

Thank you all so much for entering my giveaway.
 All of the 309 comments make me feel so very humble,
 as I read why you like my blog. You really are an encouragement
 to me to keep on sharing and posting my daily mugshots!

So down to business . . .

£25 of Stylecraft Vouchers and a bag full of Patchwork Heart goodies
was obviously a very tempting prize!

As I worked my way through the comments I found several repeats,
 so some were deleted to make it fair. I then used a random
 number generator and counted down the list to find a winner.

So with great pleasure I announce the winner is

Ann Fitzgerald

I have emailed Ann and am waiting for her reply.
 If anyone reading this knows her please give her a nudge!

When Ann has received her prize I will share photos next week.

Many thanks again for all your lovely comments
, I am so lucky to have you all


9 September 2016

The Batik Rainbow Blanket

A few months ago you will remember,
I had the privilege of visiting Stylecraft Mill along with the other blogstars.
 We were treated like royalty
 and showered with gifts to share with you all!

One of these gifts was a pack of the new
This is a 20% wool 80% acrylic mix with a speckled appearance.
 It comes in cute 50g balls and is available in 16 beautiful shades.

So what a pleasure it has been
 to design a blanket
 that would showcase this new yarn.

I began by trying out a new block to me, from an old favourite book, 
you can buy this from Amazon.
(Note the UK version has a pink cover
 and the US version has a blue cover!)

I wanted to use a small square
 so chose the Wisteria block and just made rounds 1 to 4.

Playing with the colours is my favourite part!
I soon realised that the 16 shades have been created to work well
together, which is a joy for us crochet artists.

I have used 1 50g ball of the shades
old gold
10 balls of
biscuit for the joining and border.
I worked with a 3.5mm hook,

So I set about making squares
 using 4 rounds of colour
 and the 5th round of each square I made in biscuit.

Some balls made 7 squares and others made 8!
This will be due to varying yarn thickness
 and differences in my tension.

So I had 99 squares when complete
 which I arranged in a rectangle 9 x 11.
I'm frequently asked how do I plan the layout of my blankets
 to make them look random. Well my trick is to play crochet Sudoku!
Just using my eye I try to place only 1 of any colour
 in each row or column and it works well!

My first layout was a random mix of the squares as seen above,
 but this just didn't sing to me! I knew that the Batik yarn
 was more special than this so I had a second play!

This time I was happy, very happy indeed!
I chose the layout above blending the colours
 from 1 corner of the rectangle to the opposite one.

Joining is my favourite part of blanket making
 as you see it come together so fast.

I have crocheted the squares together from the back,
 using UK dc through both loops.
 This gives a really strong join with a nice simple look.
 You will find a tutorial for this method

The first view of the blanket is always so exciting
 and here above you can see it with the first direction of joining done.

The second direction of joining
 completes the blanket into one piece
 and look what a wonderful surprise I found!
 As 4 squares meet and are joined
 a flower is formed from their 4 corners!
 This is made from the pattern of the squares
 and nothing to do with the joining method.
What a delight!

When you stand back and view the blanket from a distance
there is another surprise to behold . . .
can you see the diagonal pattern made by the holes?
Oh what a joy, this rainbow blanket of plain squares
 has so much to delight in it!

Here's a close up of the join and the formation of the flower.
This joining method creates a ridge on the back of the blanket
 and smooth flat finish on the front.

With the blanket complete it was time to choose the border.
I can highly recommend this border book
It is written in US terms and has written instructions and charts.

I have used border number 27
 after beginning with a foundation round of trebles first.

So here it is
my Rainbow Batik Blanket

If you would like to try this yarn for yourself
 (or treat yourself to any other Stylecraft yarns or patterns)
I am hosting a little
for my UK followers.

You can win yourself a Stylecraft bag of goodies,
filled with some Patchwork Heart treats
and £25 of vouchers!
(The vouchers can be redeemed in UK, at any bricks and mortar yarn shop.)

To enter
simply leave me a comment on this blog post,
 telling me what you enjoy about my blog.
You must make sure that I can find your email
 to contact you in case you are the winner!
A winner will be drawn at random on
 Sunday 25th September
 so you have 2 weeks to enter!

The fun of this rainbow blanket is that it looks so different
 from every direction!

This blanket is a winner and it is a keeper!
 A new blanket for Patchwork House!

If you are not a fan of wool, do not despair!
I have had some comments from followers on Facebook and Instagram
who either cannot wear wool or who would prefer a more affordable option.
As you know I listen to all your comments and aim to please! 
I have plans to make the same blanket again
 in Stylecraft Special DK using the flecked yarns,
 so watch this space!

I wish you all a happy hooky weekend
and look forward to reading your comments.
Don't forget to comment here now
 to be in with a chance of winning!


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