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2 June 2017

Flower Garden CAL Part 4

Welcome to part 4,
 the final part of the flower garden CAL
This week you are going to join your squares
 and then make the border of the blanket.

If you are only just reading this CAL for the first time
you can find the previous posts here

You will find the pattern for part 4

I'm sure you have all been admiring your squares
 and trying them in lots of patterns, I know I did!
The layout is described in the pattern but it may help some of you to see it.
Its like a flower bed with the 4 flowers in the middle,
 surrounded by the circles and then again by the sunburst grannies.

To join the squares you are going to work in rows,
crocheting together from the front using UK dc through both loops.
This makes a strong join with a ridge on the front of the blanket.
If you are not familiar with this joining method
 I have a step by step tutorial that you may find helpful

Here is a view of the rows joined in the first direction only.
To complete the joining simply work along the rows in the opposite way.

You will notice here that I have numbers pinned on my rows,
 this helps me make sure I add them in the correct order!

Now your blanket is in 1 piece and ready for a border.

This is great fun using several of the colours

and then finished with a cream shell edging.

Now you have your own beautiful flower garden blanket!

Make sure you remember to share photos in the
so we can all enjoy each others creations!
Thank you for making this CAL such a happy experience,
I do hope you have had fun

x x x

30 May 2017

The Daisy Blanket

 Happiness has been flowing from my hook
 and filled the house with colour!
Judging by the love on FB and IG
 this blanket has made you all happy too!

You will be delighted to know
 that you can purchase the colour pack to make the daisy blanket
in my Colour Pack shop at Deramores.
Go to the Colour Packs,
then The Patchwork Heart
and it is called the bright rainbow pack.
The pack contains all the colours
 and 2 cream for making the daisies and the border.

Here are a few details of how I made my blanket
 to help you along.
I have used the daisy pattern by Tillie Tulip.
There is a tutorial HERE

I like to work in a production line system 
and so first make a pile of centres for the daisies.
 I used the bright yellow called citron for these.
Next I make them into flowers using cream to add the petals.
My blanket was approximately 110cm square
 and for this I made 100 daisies so 10 rows of 10.
 There is plenty of colour in the pack and you could easily make it bigger.I

Next the fun begins with the colours!
I line up 10 colours in the order I wish to use them
 and place a daisy on top of each.
 I can't help being organised it makes my heart sing!
I made the daisies into squares again using the Tillie Tulip pattern
and then used the join as you go method of attaching the squares.
 This is really fun and quick, you see the blanket appearing before your eyes!

There is a good tutorial here on
if you have not learnt this method before.

I love the texture that this joining method creates,
it brings an extra dimension to the blanket and makes it very tactile!

Colour makes me happy
and every time I worked on this or even saw it in my room, it made me smile!
Planning the next row of colours was always my favourite part.
I line them up on the table,
 trying to have just 1 of any colour in each row
 ( I call it crochet sudoku!)

When the squares are all joined and the blanket is in 1 piece,
 it is ready for a border. To prepare for this,
I first make 1 round of cream using UK dc as a foundation row.

Where 2 squares meet the corners are rounded
 and so the edge is not straight.
 To level it out I make half a treble in the first corner
 and the same in the next corner,
 then finish them both off together creating just 1 stitch.
 You can see the stitch is longer than the dc on the sides of the square
 and so this makes the edge flat. I choose to crochet them together
 as this makes less stitches on the border so it will lie flat.
In the corners I made 3 dc.

You are now ready to choose your border.
I wanted a border that looked like the daisy and so used
border 140 from the book
This is written in US terms
 but is really easy to use as there are clear charts and instructions.

So there you go!
 Have fun making your daisy blanket.
Don't forget to share pictures of your makes inspired by The Patchwork Heart
in the
 and on

Thank you as always for your companionship on FB and IG.
I really love sharing my days with you all as I crochet along


x x x

26 May 2017

Flower Garden CAL part 3

Hello and welcome to part 3 of

If you have only just found this CAL you can read back
to find everything you need to know to join in.

This week you are going to make 20 sunburst granny squares,
 5 of each colour pair.

You will find the 3rd installment of the pattern

The colour pairings are the same as last week

fondant with pomegranate
spice with lipstick
lemon with meadow
magenta with plum

Sew the ends in from rounds 2 and 3

I chose to leave the ends from round 4
till after the cream had been added

Now you have the full set of squares!
Eek its getting very exciting isn't it!

So now you have 4 flower squares
12 circle squares and
20 sunburst granny squares

Again I leave the last cream end to sew in later,
 after joining, as I find this easier,
 but its your choice you can do them now if you wish!

It works like a formal garden
flowers in the middle
then a round of circles
then a round of sunburst grannies.
You will be told in detail how to lay them out in part 4.

Have lots of fun my friends and do share you photos on
It is so good to see you all chatting and helping each other there!

Have a great week hookin
 and come back next Friday for the final part 4,
 when we will be joining and making the border!


19 May 2017

Flower garden CAL part 2

 Welcome to part 2 of The Knitting Network CAL.
Last week you made the 4 centre squares of flowers.
This week you will make 12 squares with circles
 to surround the 4 flower squares.

If you missed week 1 you can find it
It contains all you need to get started.

The colour pairings I have used are the same as last week
lemon with meadow
magenta with plum
spice with lipstick
and fondant with pomegranate

You will find the 2nd installment of the pattern

You are going to make 3 squares in each colourway.
As always I prefer to work in batches,
 as your fingers and brain remember the pattern
 and this makes it quicker, easier and neater.
So begin with the circle
 and make 3 each of lemon, spice, magenta and fondant.

Sew the ends in when the circles are made.

You are now ready to use the 2nd colour and make them into squares.
lemon with meadow
spice with lipstick
magenta with plum
and fondant with pomegranate.
Sew the ends in to complete the squares.

When all 12 squares are made
 they are ready to be edged in cream.

Sew the ends in and
 there you have 12 circle squares
 ready to surround your 4 flowers.

It is going to look like this in the centre of the blanket.

I love the layout of this blanket.
 It reminds me of a formal garden,
 the type you see in a National Trust House,
 where there are beds of roses and box hedges.

So there you have completed week 2.
You have 4 flower squares
 and 12 circle squares all edged in cream.
Come back next Friday for week 3
 when we will make another batch of squares.

It's been so good to see you all having fun.
 Do keep sharing your photos in the 
 It has really warmed my heart to see you all helping each other
 and the community developing.
keep up the good work ladies
 and have lots of colourful fun!


16 May 2017

The Beginners Blanket

If you would like to make your first blanket,
 then carry on reading, 
I will take you through the process of all you need to know!

To begin with most people learn how to make a granny square.
I have a tutorial to teach you with step by step photos to help.
When you have a pile of squares come back for the joining
 and then for the border.

For this beautiful vintage style granny blanket 
I have used 8 shades of Stylecraft Special DK.
You can buy this colour pack
You can of course use your own colours
 or any of my other colour packs.

This yarn pack has enough to make
 49 granny squares of 7 rounds,
 so you can choose
 a square blanket 7 by 7 or a rectangular blanket 8 by 6.

I made a rectangular blanket so needed 48 squares. 
This works out nicely at 6 centres of each of the 8 colours.

You can learn how to make a granny square

Organisation is very important to me.

It makes the process quicker and ensures an even balance of colour.

You can read about how I plan colours 

I would encourage you to start good habits now
and sew the ends in as you go!

Once the granny squares have 7 rounds,
 they are ready to edge in mushroom for joining.

I use the bed for this next step, to save bending down on the floor!
Lay the squares out in your desired arrangement,
 trying to ensure an even distribution of colour.

I then number each row using a scrap of paper
 and store the piles in a basket ready for joining.

There are many joining methods available.
My favourite is to crochet the squares together to give a strong join.
For beginners I recommend
crocheting together from the back, using UK dc, through both loops.
You can read how to do this

The join is made in rows of 1 direction first,
 then repeated in the opposite direction.
This makes a strong flat join with a ridge on the back.

Every blanket needs a border,
 just like a picture needs a frame!

I recommend the book
"Around The Corner" by Edie Eckman.
You can buy this on Amazon
(Please note this book is written in US terms.)
I have used border 27 for this blanket.

The final things I do for every blanket is to wash it.
This has the effect of blocking and helps to settle the joins.
Follow the instructions on the ball band.
For Stylecraft Special DK I wash in the machine
 at 30 degrees using my regular soap powder and softener.
 I then tumble dry on LOW HEAT.

So now the fun begins! Go and choose your yarn.
I have many colour packs available
to help if you are not sure about colour choosing.

If you have any questions not explained in my tutorials,
 please email me at
 and I will try to help.

have fun blanket making

I wish you many happy hours of hooking!


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