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10 March 2012

Saturday pleasures

Saturday's are a wonderful gift from God!

I am enjoying

flowers bought by my wonderful husband to help with a difficult weekend


washing on the line

my home

the postman

vintage cake stand arrived in the post as a swap

making soup




completed crocheted cushion in spring colours for swap

in between school work sigh ..... !

Happy Saturday to you all!



Unknown said...

What lovely images. Can't help but bring a smile to my face! your sway partner is one lucky lady!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Your crochet cushion is absolutely gorgeous! It looks lovely with the tulips too.

Jessica said...

Pretty cushion - love the colours :-)

bellaboo said...

Love the cake stand and all your pretty crochet.Hope you are having a lovely peaceful Sunday...with a little bit of sunshine too! :0)

Heidi said...

Just visiting your beautiful blog for the first time and have found a kindred spirit. I love the simple things that home and family bring...crochet among them!

Hugs from Holland ~

Second Hand Rose said...

Lovely photos and beautiful flowers, you lucky lady! I love that cushion, its gorgeous do you by any chance have a pattern for it that you could send to me? My email address is on my blog. Thank you! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/

Fleur Cotton said...

What a lovely Saturday you had!

I spent Saturday finishing a project for my daughter .. popover to my blog to have a peek to see a very beary treat for my daughter from her mum on Mother's Day!

Fleur xx

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