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9 April 2012

New Addiction

Happy Easter to you all!

Well here I am AT LAST!

Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger ...

school work is now done

1 week in and I am beginning to feel rested

so now I have the joy of 1 more week for sewing!

so what’s happening here

well I have discovered


(its all Daisy Moons fault!)

and am loving using my phone camera

and creating pretty photos to share

now I will never get any sewing done!

any of you on there for me to follow?

Hope you are having a lovely Easter break

(despite the grotty weather)




LaaLaa said...

I keep seeing this everywhere too. Must invesitigate. I hope you're having a good break. xx

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Happy Easter Heather to you and your family...Hope you have a lovely crafty week of sewing,
Susan x
P.S Nothing but rain here!

Carol said...

One day - when I get a decent phone!
Carol xx

Colette said...

I wondered how come I hadn't seen any of your posts come up on my blog list. My niece is the same with Instagram. It has been really nice to catch up with what you have been making. I can't get over how fast you crochet!! Xx

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