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26 July 2014

Emily's Garden ~ a blanket of flowers

 This blanket has caused quite a stir
 amongst my followers on Instagram and Facebook, 
so here as promised are some details of how I made 
Emily's Garden.

The blanket is a gift for my mother's 80th birthday.
She loves flowers and is also a crocheter
 so I wanted to create something really special for her.

I used my favourite Stylecraft Special DK
this is so beautiful for blankets.
 It is soft warm and snugly,
 can be machine washed and tumble dried
 and is excellent value
It comes in a wonderful choice of over 80 shades
and you can buy it

I used
 soft peach, candy floss and pale rose
 lavender, wisteria and clematis
aspen, sherbet and spring green
cloud blue and parchment.

To create a garden
 I decided to use many different types of flowers

the first type was my frequent favourite
the starburst or sunburst flower
I use the starburst pattern by Jane Brocket
 which was in Mollie Makes issue 2
but there are many patterns for the sunburst available on the Internet 

next I wanted to add depth to give the blanket a 3D texture
so  I chose these popcorn flowers
you can find the pattern 

there had to be roses in the garden
and these were such fun to make

this pattern is by Nicki Trench in the book

for more texture I wanted petals
and these little pretties came from
a pattern by Nicki Trench in
Simply Crochet magazine issue 5

so with 80 flowers made for 10 rows of 8
 I was all set to join them into a rectangular throw

and I decided on a random arrangement 
as would be found in a cottage garden.

My favourite method for joining is using the
join as you go technique.
I originally learnt this using the fantastic tutorial from

and developed my own method
 for continuous join as you go
joining the whole blanket without cutting the yarn.
You will notice
 that some are of my flowers are circles and others are squares,
 so to cope with this just make double trebles instead of trebles
 in the corners when joining the circles.

The continuous join method is so fast and easy 
and has the fantastic bonus of no ends to sew in!

I am really pleased with the 3D flowers
and the continuous join as you go
adds another lovely texture to the squares.

Finally a deep border to set off the flowers
 made using block stitch to incorporate some seeds of colour
you can find some instructions

Emily's Garden is complete
 and I cannot wait to gift it to my mother Emily
on her 80th birthday

I'm sorry this is not a complete pattern
 but I am not yet a pattern writer and do not pretend to be!
 However I am happy to share
 my inspiration and the links to the patterns I chose
 so that you too
 may have a go at creating a garden of love.

Happy hookin!


 X X X


Anonymous said...

This blanket is SO SO SO beautiful. And quite a fully written pattern! One just has to follow the links. My favorite bits are the roses. I'll have to find the colours that you used! Your mum will be so pleased.

Anonymous said...

This blanket is SO SO SO beautiful. And quite a fully written pattern! One just has to follow the links. My favorite bits are the roses. I'll have to find the colours that you used! Your mum will be so pleased.

Pammy Sue said...

It's so beautiful, Heather! Such a special gift for your mother. It's a treasure.

Pat said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful creation Heather, I know your dear mum will be so pleased to receive it. I have made all the squares and am joining them over this weekend! My blanket is a special gift for a most wonderful lady who has been a dear and special friend to me for many years. I just know she will be thrilled to bits to receive Emily's Garden Blanket .. she has been following your progress also! And it has been such fun to make, I have enjoyed every step! Pat xxx

Unknown said...

This is just gorgeous!! Your mum will love it! The use of different flowers is a genius idea and the colour choices are delicious!! Well done you! And thank you so much for sharing!

Sylvie said...

I love your beautiful blanket . Thank you for sharing

cockney blonde said...

Absolutely amazing and so very beautiful. I'm sure your Mother will love it, x

Gillian said...

Your blanket is absolutely gorgeous and your mother will love it. I like the border - just little bits of colour to set it off. I also join using the continuous join as you go method - have recently started using it. It is so handy and quick!

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

I'll bookmark this page, I love the textures on the blanket and the colour choices too. Thanks for adding the links xx Great job :D I join as I go too, I would never crochet if I had to sew a load of little squares together every time :D

Amy at love made my home said...

Your blanket is gorgeous, and with all the different sorts of flowers and colourways and choices of colour of yarn, it does indeed look just like a garden in crochet!! It will be a lovely gift for your Mum!! I like the way that you joined the squares, when I did join as you go recently on my big blanket I did that method, but not as a continuous row as it were as per your diagram. I think that is an amazing idea!! You are very clever indeed!! xx

moonstruckcreations said...

Have just stumbled upon your blog, it is inspirational!

Just off now to hit the "follow" button, look forward to reading more of your posts.


homemade@myplace said...

Thank you for the link to my blog!!!
Such a beautiful blanket,
Xxxxxxxx Alessandra

Studio 107 said...

Spotted this blanket on "sunshine and a sewing basket" blog and just had to let you know how gorgeous I thought it was. A definite contender on my never ending 'to do' list! Von x

Pattypan said...

I have only just found your blog and it is lovely.

I am particularly taken with Eily's Garden it is gorgeous. I have popped it on my list to do. Absolutely stunning and I love the colours.

Thank you for sharing



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog. I am a beginner and I cannot say how great your colour palettes have been to help me put colour schemes together.
I especially love the Emily's garden blanket and am in the throws of learning all the granny squares with flowers within them. Truly lovely...

Unknown said...

I have just found your blog, while on Instagram looking at your page and your work is beautiful, I adore the colours you use, so vibrant and sunny, they actually make you feel happy just looking at the formation you use. Thank you for such a wonderful blog and I will definitely be trying the c2c blanket in colour. I am left handed and once you have worked out which way to turn your little squares, it is pretty much plain sailing after that ( so all you leftys out there , give it a go and just keep trying) it's good fun trying. But your work is beautiful 💞💞💞

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