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2 November 2014

Half term hooky

 Half term for me
 has been a wonderful time of relaxation
 in my favourite part of the world

The Yorkshre Dales

 we spent time enjoying
 sheep pheasants sunshine autumn leaves and lovely walks

quality time
 in a lovely cottage in a quiet village 
was just what the doctor ordered

breath taking scenery

special time together
 away from busy jobs and lives
 brings us home
 feeling blessed and recharged for the next 2 months!

Of course there was hooky
and lots
of wonderful yarny therapy!

Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter
 is a variegated yarn with amazing colours.
 It is very soft and fun to work.

Random or self striping yarn
 is the ideal portable yarn for taking on holiday,
 one ball, hook and scissors fitting very neatly in my bag everywhere I go!

I was inspired by the
made by the very talented blogger
if you dont know her blog
 you are in for a treat ... pop on over!

As a change I chose to make a baby blanket
 so I am working with the softer brighter colour palette of 
Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter DK

I am now very brave and hook in public most places I go
on trains
in the car
on picnics
and in cafes and pubs

 it is wonderful when people stop to talk
 and ask about what I am making

Well as you know I have many OCD tendancies
 and love nothing more than planning my crochet.

 Matching hooks and mugs
lining up colours
counting equal amounts of each round
all make it perfect and appeal to my Mathematical brain!

So when I first started with this random yarn
 I must admit that I wasn't too keen!
But as the week progressed it has grown on me!
 I am now loving the arty look of these variegated squares
 and they come with the added bonus of no ends from changing colours!

I have used
 2 x 50g balls of each of the following 4 colours
 and made 80 squares.
These are now being edged with cream Sirdar Snuggly
 and I am liking them even more as the cream makes the colours pop!

Do come back next week
 for a progress update of my variegated blanket!
When complete I will be writing up the pattern for you
 and joining and edging instructions
 to be published with the final tadaa photo in a few weeks!

My final treat of the holiday
 was a morning spent with a wonderful hooky gang at the 
Skipton Knit and Natter group.
I was so delighted to be invited and had a wonderful time
 with lovely ladies who speak the same yarny language!
 Thank you all for making me so welcome.

So now after a heavenly week of hooky and countryside
 it is time to get ready for back to school.

Here at Patchwork House
 I am enjoying a new thrifted jug for my flowers. 
Wishing you all a happy Sunday!



Pat said...

The Dales are so beautiful .. I love to visit there when in the UK. My husband's dad was a very talented artist and I have many lovely Dales landscapes hanging in my home here in SA. His folks lived near Skipton!

Kim said...

fabulous pics and love the squares. So tempted by the Crofters - saw a jumper knitted up in it and it was gorgeous. But wasn't sure how it would be crocheted, but these look fab.
Kim x

Unknown said...

Hi Heather... Love the variegated yarn looks fab! And very jealous of your trip to the dales, is also my absolutely fave place! Lovely also that you posted that photo of the knit and natter group, and to see Lucy looking happy, especially after reading her post tonight about the difficult time she is havingxxx

Gillian said...

We're not long back from a holiday in Yorkshire finishing with a visit to Yardale. I love your variegated squares and am interested to see how they will look with a cream edge. I crochet (or knit) in public too and it's amazing how poeple will come and ask what I'm doing.

Amy at love made my home said...

Lovely to catch up with you. I really liked your photo of the trees reflected in the water. xx

Catherine said...

Lovely photo of your group. Are you in Coopers with Lucy?
I love the look of your new squares with the Crofter and will be bookmarking for myself. I have just finished Coast Ripple and have a Cosy pack to start so this will have to wait until after Christmas. I blogged about Coast here.

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