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15 November 2014

Joining pleasures

Today is a lazy Saturday here at Patchwork House
with lots of
 sitting and hooking
 recharging our batteries!

It has been such a delight
 joining these pretty squares together. 
My hook just glides through this yarn
 like a knife through butter!

Every stitch has been a pleasure.
I love the rhythm
 and the perfection of hooking each 2 stitches together.
I have been joining from the back
 with right sides together
 using UK double crochet through both loops. 

I join in rows
 linking from 1 square straight onto the next.

All the rows going in the same direction are joined first.

This leaves gaps in between the squares
 going in the opposite direction.
 At this point the blanket is rather difficult to hold
 but don't worry it will all come together soon!

Next the rows are joined in the opposite direction.
Again using double crochet through both loops. 
When I meet the ridge
 I make 1 dc in the corner loop either side of it.

I really like this joining method
 as it produces a good strong join with an attractive finish.

When joining is complete
 there is a ridge on the back

and neat lines on the front.

There is an added bonus
 of a pattern made by the holes
 which I also think is very attractive
 adding another dimension to the blanket.

I am totally in love
 with the arty and colourful look of this 
Crofter blanket inspired by Anita Mundt.

I have used 4 shades of Sirdar Baby Crofter DK for the squares
and joined them with cream Sirdar Snuggly DK

If you missed the previous posts
 about the yarn and square making you can read it

Do come back next week for the
 when I will be blogging about
 the pattern details for the square joining and edging!

Have a lovely weekend my hooky friends
I'm off now for a wonderful evening of border making!




Unknown said...

Lovely. I will try this method next time. Normally I join them as stairs, but then they get a bit of an angel in front, not totally correct lines as you have on this one.

threads 'n' shreds said...

Thank you so much for this visual guide, it is most helpful, I look forward to trying it in the future. Your work is so neat and this blanket is beautiful. I do love multi coloured yarn x

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks so amazing! I look forward to the final pictures. xx

Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

What a lovely blanket, the colours are so pretty.

GĂ©raldine B. said...

Thanks for the tuto !! it's s useful !!! have a lovely sunday !

moonstruckcreations said...

Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!


Gillian said...

The blanket is beautiful and the joining is perfect.

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