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23 March 2015

Making Rainbows

Today I am really excited
 to be able to tell you about a competition
 to win £500 worth of yarn!!!

I have joined together with 5 other bloggers
 to help launch the

Here's how you can take part!

Everyone loves a rainbow
red  orange  yellow  green  blue  indigo  violet.
Lately I've been playing with colours
 a lot

as a Mathematician
 order is very important to me
as an artist 
colour fills me with passion
 to create a rainbow
 is perfection
 in my little world!

A few months ago
 I made myself a set of shade squares
 for all my favourite Stylecraft Special DK shades.
I used a small 3 round solid granny square
you can find a pattern 

Hours of fun and playing
 ended up with this combination
 for my bright traditional rainbow

I tried it out on a star shaped baby blanket
using a free pattern by 
and the result was amazing!

but the artist in me wants to play
and my brain is continually making new rainbows

a pastel rainbow was next on my hook
oh so pretty

then again more playing with my squares
resulted in 
bright versus vintage

using my creative license
I next hooked a
vintage look rainbow baby blanket
and I really love these soft muted tones

So where did this rainbow trend begin?
I have to give thanks
 to my hooky friends over on

This winter there has been a craze inspired by
 a beautiful Cath Kidston blanket.
So many of my clever hooky friends
 have been making their own versions, 
beautiful granny striped blankets
 with a parchment background.

totally inspired by the lovely makes of
and many others
I finally gave in and tried it myself

adding the neutral background
 to my vintage rainbow
 resulted in this amazing 
Cath Kidston inspired
 granny square baby blanket

Rainbows have spread into my cotton creations too

I always begin with a traditional colour order

Mandala making
 is such a perfect way
 of trying out colour combinations

but I soon find myself thinking
 that rainbows don't have to include all 7 shades!

Before I know it I'm shading pinks and purples
and blending blues and greens

Working with colour is therapy to me
it excites me
and makes me come alive!
So what better rainbow celebration
than my latest creation of a dream catcher!
This pattern by ATERGcrochet is available to buy on Etsy

So are you inspired?
 Do you want to play with colour too?
Oh I do hope I've got you rushing for your hooks
 and diving into your stash!

Ladies I'm really excited to tell you
 about the fabulous new
I'm helping launch

would you like to win
 £500 worth of yarn
? ? ?

All you have to do
 is play with colour and crochet something wonderful!
Blog about your makes and enter the competition.
You will find all you need to know here

Go on you know you are itching to create
and who doesn't need more yarn!
You can enter many times
 and there are 5 other trends you can follow too!

This week I will be playing with a bright rainbow
 and a cream background! 
Come back next week to see what I made!

Do leave a comment to let me know what you are making
 and entering into the competition, 
I'd love to pop over and visit your blogs
 to see what you are making

Happy hookin



BumbleBri said...

SO much rainbow inspo here! I absolutely ADORE rainbows and all the colorful projects you have shown!

craftymummy said...

I love rainbows!! What colours did you use for the start blanket?

Anonymous said...

Eeeek!!! You could not have picked a better trend! My brain is buzzing with ideas!! Thank you!

RedSetter said...

Like many crafty folk I just love colour and the more the merrier. I just adore your selections and the alternatives as well as the pastel rainbows. These are very inspirational.

Dedri Uys said...

Heather, I love your rainbow colours. I think our "trend predictions" might overlap slightly as I am also predicting loads of colours to go along with my large crochet squares/motifs.

I LOVE your vintage rainbow arrangement.


Athena said...

I love the cool order combined with the hearty celebration of colour, proving that deliberate thought is often more exciting than so-called spontaneity. These colours speak to the mind and the heart, it needs skill to devise and to execute. Brilliant.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! Everything is so pretty. I've resigned from my job and in June will have more free time to play with yarn and so some charity work, too. I can't wait. Best wishes, Tammy

Anne said...

I have been a knitter for many a year but only recently taught myself to crochet granny squares. I've lots of odd balls of wool left over from projects so have decided to crochet a blanket so I am looking for ideas. (I just have to finish of a few knitting projects first. This was my new years resolution - not to start anything new until I finish of my current projects).

Anonymous said...

I'm doing some catch-up reading and just came across this post. So funny! While you were posting this, I was working on my own rainbow in the form of a crocheted flower garland/bunting for my front door. I wasn't intending to make a rainbow, but seeing all the colors together made me so happy that I had to use them all! :) My next rainbow will be a rainbow-colored monster for my nephew, if I don't get sidetracked on a blanket first. :)

Styleacraft said...

Wow! Each and every rainbow of your work is beautiful. A lot of inspiration here. Thanks a ton.

Styleacraft said...

Wow! Each and every rainbow of your work is beautiful. A lot of inspiration here. Thanks a ton.

chasing the sun said...

Beautiful blog! Colorful and inspiring projects :-)

Unknown said...

I absolutely ADORE rainbows and all the colorful projects you have shown!

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