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14 March 2015

The Spring Flower Blanket

Pretty spring flowers
 to cheer up a gloomy grey Saturday morning

Happy Saturday to you all!
I hope you can enjoy lots of happy hooky yarn therapy today.

I have begun my day
 working on the Community Crochet blanket 
that I have been running on Instagram.
This has been made by over 100 ladies from UK on Instagram.
If you missed the original post about this you can read it

This blanket is so thick and heavy
 as many of the squares are 3D flowers

just look at the fabulous detail
 and clever crochet from so many ladies

Sitting under the blanket as I work on the border
 is providing me with hours of pleasure

the lucky winner is going to have years
  of fun and pleasure from all these unique flowers

I have used a flat braid join
 which adds a lovely lace texture
 and am now completing the blanket
 with a deep lace border!

Come back next week for the big reveal!

happy weekend friends




Sam I Am...... said...

The blanket is gorgeous! Some lucky lady will be very happy to receive it I'm sure. I hope you do this again next year as I was too late following you to get in on it but what a beauty she is!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is gorgeous, someone will be very lucky to take that home.

BumbleBri said...

What a Lovely blanket! I love all the different kinds of flowers! You are so talented. I wish I could get a flower pattern right for once :-)

Indigo Blue said...

That is just sooooo gorgeous!
Very skillful and such excellent colours.

Nora said...

Stunningly beautiful....I have blanket envy :). Well done one and all, I have enjoyed reading and looking....can't wait for the big reveal xx

GĂ©raldine B. said...

Sooooo beautiful and gorgeous !!!! have a lovely sunday !

OlgaQuilt said...




retrofrischling said...

WoW. What a wunderful blanket. I love the color. It´s springtime.

needlekrafter said...

What a beautiful blanket. I wondered if there is a link to the different patterns used for this blanket? Thank you-- always something beautiful to find on your page!

Cuppa Crochet said...

I only found your blog yesterday (not sure why I haven't found it before) and I'm so pleased that I did because I really enjoyed looking at all your lovely crocheted items. This blanket in particular is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I've had a blanket using different flower squares in mind for a while and this one has provided me with the inspiration to go ahead with the idea.

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