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31 May 2015

Colour inspiration

 Flowers are often my inspiration for blankets.
When I see a garden my
 brain translates the beautiful colours into yarn!

This beautiful tulip garden at the home of 
my Instagram friend Pat @relovedpreloved
was my inspiration this week

Those beautiful tulips sent me rushing to my sample squares
 and here is my colour recipe
pomegranate shrimp fondant apricot
spring green saffron and lemon with soft peach.

This blanket is to be a gift
 for a baby girl due to arrive at the end of June.

Half term happiness for me
 has been oodles of crochet time

and I've had the pleasure of making this little pram blanket
 from start to finish in just a few days.

The colours have been so refreshing
full of citrus appeal

and memories of childhood sweets!

I love the starburst flower pattern by Jane Brocket
(my pattern is from an old copy of Mollie Makes).
Its really quick making them in batches
 and crocheting over the ends of rounds 1 and 2.

My preferred joining method for this
 is continuous join as you go 
using the contasting colour of soft peach.

and here we have it

So now its just a border that remains
 and this will be some simple rows of treble clusters
 followed by a scalloped edge.

Where did May go? It went so fast
 and not a hint of summer weather here yet!

Its back to school for me tomorrow to exams, 
300 papers to mark this week
 followed by 60 reports to write the week after.
I may be absent from your feeds for the next few weeks!

Happy hookin friends




pat said...

Such a beautiful combination of colours, and the pale peach to join and edge is so right! Lovely gift for the new arrival!

Unknown said...

I love to read all about your crochet and inspiration. Your work is truly beautiful. Don't envy you with all those papers to mark and reports to write, but it's all downhill after that into the holidays and hopefully lists of sunshine. Have a wonderful week x.

aline said...

Beautiful from start to finish, lovely to see each stage.

Kim said...

the tulips are gorgeous - and I love the sweet candy colours of the blanket, such pretty combinations
Kim x

angela said...

It's like spring all year round when you have such colourful blankets around
Very pretty

Sharrieboberry said...

Thirty more minutes of May left, here in Texas! Your citrus-colors are very, very lovely.

Evela said...

Winderfull colors. Blanket is really amazing!


Amy at love made my home said...

Your squares are a lovely representation of the tulips colours!! xx

SmallP said...

Heather, that blanket is gorgeous :-) I am sure that it will be very gratefully received. I love the fact that you find inspiration from flowers as I do that a lot too. I often find myself taking a surreptitious photo of a flower arrangement in a supermarket as I just love the colours!! SmallPx

Gayla said...

Your little pram blanket is beautiful. I love the idea of join as you go, but I've been reluctant to try it. It looks like it eliminates one of the biggest headaches of making a blanket! Those colors you chose are magical.

I miss school until I read about marking 300 papers! haha.. Good luck with that!

DELETED said...

lovely blog! thanks for sharing...

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