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1 May 2015

Crochet keeps you young

This week has been an exciting adventure for my Mum!
She is never idle and always has yarn in her hands either
 knitting or crocheting for charity.
Last weekend I posted this picture on my
 and on my
and we were amazed at the wonderful crochet love we received
 and the number of people who wanted to buy Mums work.

So with great speed
 she collected up 6 blankets
 that were sat around her cottage
and they were soon in my 
 for sale

pastel baby size

bright coloured lap size

bright and stripey

vintage grannies

pastel and pretty

and wow before we knew it they had sold!

I am feeling really blessed to have learned my skills from my Mum
 and still have her to share hooky pleasures with.
Crochet certainly keeps you young
 and I can only hope that Im still hookin at the age of 80!

Wishing you all a happy hooky weekend




Gillian said...

Beautiful blankets, and how lucky you are to have such a lovely mum to be friends with! I'm so glad the work is selling well.

pat said...

She is truly amazing Heather, an inspiration to all us hooky ladies .. So special xx

Janet said...

I love my mother and daughter crocheting sessions. I feel so lucky to have a daughter who shares my hobbies.

Toffe said...

So cute blankets!!!
Your mum is an artist ;)

Lesley said...

Wonderful for you both and....don't you look alike.

Jaylyn said...

I love your wonderful blog and your blankets are very pretty

mau said...

Love your mOM'S work..
yOU Both are wonderful !!

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