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6 August 2015

Corner to Corner Blanket

This summer I have discovered a new love . . . corner to corner stitch.
Using just uk trebles and chains
 this blanket is so easy, incredibly fast
 and it has the most wonderful close texture.
Another huge bonus is there are no calculations involved,
 no counting and no starting chain needed!

My son
 who has just graduated from University and qualified as a teacher,
 has moved from a shared student house
 into his first bachelor pad this summer.
 A house warming present was needed fast
 so I dug out the ever so popular grey blanket pack
and rustled this up in no time!

1 each of spice, parchment, meadow, aster, silver, lime,
 storm blue, mocha, denim and graphite
and 2 grey
You can buy the yarn

I used the wonderful pattern by Sue over at
It is a free pattern called Spring into Summer
 and can be found on Ravelry
Many people use random or self striping yarn for this
 but as a colour artist
 the pleasure for me is creating my own colour recipes.
  I have chosen to work in stripes using 2 rows of each colour and
I have used a random colour order that does not repeat.

You begin working in the corner
and increase at both ends of each row.
As a mathematician this is incredibly pleasing to me!
 Just look at those perpendicular sides!
Keep going until the blanket reaches your desired width
 and you will have created an isosceles triangle
 which is of course half of a square.

Working in 2 rows of each colour
 it creates a lovely geometric pattern rather like a brick wall.
The texture that develops is an added bonus and attraction to the blanket.
It is really thick and one of the warmest blankets I have ever made!

Now if you want a square blanket that is easy,
 keep working till you reach the desired width
 then follow the pattern instructions and decrease next.
This will now make the triangle go smaller
 and you will complete your square.

To make the blanket rectangular
1 ~  increase at each end of each row until you have the desired width
2 ~ then work straight keeping both ends of each row the same
until you have the desired length
3 ~  now decrease at each end of each row to complete the final corner

Of course there are lots of ends to be sewn in when making is complete!
 I actually enjoy this and think of it as an evening of embroidery! 
The final blanket is certainly pleasing and a real reward for your labours!

Every blanket needs a border to set it off.
As this is a man blanket I wanted a geometric pattern
 to compliment the shapes made by the corner to corner stitch.
 So I came up with this triangular pattern and am pleased to share it with you.

Geometric Edging
 (using UK crochet terms)

1 ~ 1 round of dc
2 ~ 3 chain then in next 4 stitches 1 treble, 1 half treble, 1 dc, 1 slip stitch 
3 ~ repeat all the way round and fasten off.

I have definitely had the c2c bug the last few weeks!

Rainbow colours were calling to me
and I played with a little square baby blanket
creating an ombre effect.
To make a slightly deeper border on this blanket
 I added a round of trebles after round 1.

Another experiment found me making a c2c
 using single rows of each colour! 
What a different look this creates.
I wasn't sure if I liked it at first
 but the final blanket was pleasing and sold fast in my

However the ends were another story
and needless to say I wont be going there again!

So 2 rows of each colour
is my suggestion for wonderful stripes!

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Thank you for all the love I have received from around the world.
My health is improving as new medication takes effect
and life has taken on a new pace.
Crochet is wonderful therapy and a great distraction
 to fill many hours as I rest and await a diagnosis.

Sending you all best wishes and hope you are having a happy hooky summer




Gill - That British Woman said...

just gorgeous, I really do want to learn how to crochet at some point.

Janice said...

Hi Heather, I haven't done a comment before (apologies for that) I had lost your blog until I updated my blog list. I'm a self taught croheter and am really getting into crochet now and have just recently finished a cardigan/jacket for myself. Love this blanket that you have made and will certainly have a go at making one for myself soon.

Beca said...

The blanket looks so cozy and warm. I'm also working on a c2c blanket but in knit instead of crochet and I'm also enjoying the process. I know your son will love it in his new house.
xx Beca

By Neymes said...

Olá Heather,fico impressionada com a rapidez que você faz uma peça,parabéns amiga.Feliz quinta.Valéria.(Brasil).

Janet said...

The c2c blankets are gorgeous. I can see that they would be addictive.

hazel c UK said...

The c2c blanket is lovely and you used such pretty colours. I have crocheted lots of this design for various charities and like you found the make up quickly, I to don't mind sewing the ends in it is usually some thing I sit and do in the garden. I work in a charity shop so am lucky sometimes so can make them and return to the shop to sell and they have only cost me my time.

I have only just found your blog so will be visiting again.

Enjoy the day,
Hazel c UK

Anonymous said...

These blankets are absolutely gorgeous!

DevonMaid said...

I wonder how you sew in the ends? I'm still not satisfied with any method I've tried on C2C!

JennyHSkye said...

Thanks so much for this - and for the pattern and colour pack links. I am off to have a go!

Teresa Halminton said...

Thank you for sharing! It's so beautiful!
net worth

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