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30 May 2017

The Daisy Blanket

 Happiness has been flowing from my hook
 and filled the house with colour!
Judging by the love on FB and IG
 this blanket has made you all happy too!

I have used
Stylecraft Special DK
1 each of pomegranate, cloud blue, spring green, wisteria,
 turquoise, fondant, sherbet, saffron, magenta, apricot, aspen and shrimp
 and 2 cream for making the daisies and the border.

You can buy the yarn

Here are a few details of how I made my blanket
 to help you along.
I have used the daisy pattern by Tillie Tulip.
There is a tutorial HERE

I like to work in a production line system 
and so first make a pile of centres for the daisies.
 I used the bright yellow called citron for these.
Next I make them into flowers using cream to add the petals.
My blanket was approximately 110cm square
 and for this I made 100 daisies so 10 rows of 10.
 There is plenty of colour in the pack and you could easily make it bigger.I

Next the fun begins with the colours!
I line up 10 colours in the order I wish to use them
 and place a daisy on top of each.
 I can't help being organised it makes my heart sing!
I made the daisies into squares again using the Tillie Tulip pattern
and then used the join as you go method of attaching the squares.
 This is really fun and quick, you see the blanket appearing before your eyes!

There is a good tutorial here on
if you have not learnt this method before.

I love the texture that this joining method creates,
it brings an extra dimension to the blanket and makes it very tactile!

Colour makes me happy
and every time I worked on this or even saw it in my room, it made me smile!
Planning the next row of colours was always my favourite part.
I line them up on the table,
 trying to have just 1 of any colour in each row
 ( I call it crochet sudoku!)

When the squares are all joined and the blanket is in 1 piece,
 it is ready for a border. To prepare for this,
I first make 1 round of cream using UK dc as a foundation row.

Where 2 squares meet the corners are rounded
 and so the edge is not straight.
 To level it out I make half a treble in the first corner
 and the same in the next corner,
 then finish them both off together creating just 1 stitch.
 You can see the stitch is longer than the dc on the sides of the square
 and so this makes the edge flat. I choose to crochet them together
 as this makes less stitches on the border so it will lie flat.
In the corners I made 3 dc.

You are now ready to choose your border.
I wanted a border that looked like the daisy and so used
border 140 from the book
This is written in US terms
 but is really easy to use as there are clear charts and instructions.

So there you go!
 Have fun making your daisy blanket.
Don't forget to share pictures of your makes inspired by The Patchwork Heart
in the

Thank you as always for your companionship on FB and IG.
I really love sharing my days with you all as I crochet along


x x x

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